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Choosing the Right Desk for Work

18 January 2022

Our imaginations tend to run riot. It may be late at night and we are preparing to sleep, but at the same time, our brain is in overdrive, crafting out several ideas of an ideal office setting to replicate in our workspace – such is the inventiveness of our thinking faculty.

In an office, the office desk is the central element, and perhaps, the centre of attraction. If this item is properly designed, your workspace will appear attractive and work-efficient to ensure comfortability when working.

In fact, your office might become the talk of the company, as co-workers take up the challenge to create a design as pleasing as yours. Indeed, it is important to purchase the right work desk to help ensure your tasks are completed in a convenient, productive, and ergonomic manner.

That said, choosing a work table to suit your style and needs can be difficult. There are a number of factors to take into consideration before deciding on any particular product. This piece will serve as a guide to assist you in picking out the perfect desk for your workspace.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting an Office Desk

With so many options to choose from, you may get carried away to select the wrong office desk for your workspace. However, if you consider the following factors, you should end up choosing the right one.

1. Desk Usage

The way one works determines their desk usage. The first step to picking the perfect office desk is determining what your daily job entails. Does your job involve the consistent use of a computer? Or do you deal with a lot of paperwork? These are the questions you need to find answers to before commencing your search.

A desktop computer requires a large desk with space underneath to house the CPU. The table should have built-in openings to help with cord management. Also, a keyboard tray will create more space on the desk. If you use a computer often at the office, you should be looking to get this sort of desk.

If you work on a laptop, a small desk should suffice. Meanwhile, if you generate a lot of paperwork, consider getting a long desk with plenty of space to accommodate it. Also, you should get one with drawers for storing stationery and other office supplies.

2. Storage

Every individual’s storage needs differ from the next. For those who handle a lot of paperwork, they will need a large storage, so desks that allow one to keep an organized workspace should be the target.

For instance, a desk with multiple drawers will allow you to store files and work tools comfortably for easy access. Keep in mind that these drawers must be large enough to accommodate your needs. 

Meanwhile, if you have a light storage, you can get a desk with one or no drawers. A single drawer can store items such as pencils, staples, notepads, and so on. 

3. Space

When picking the right desk for work, you should consider your workspace, as they range from a small corner of your bedroom to a dedicated office space. If it is a collaborative space, you may want to factor in other employees' workstations.  

A small office with a large desk will create a claustrophobic environment. A large office space with a small corner desk, on the other hand, appears out of place. Hence, choose a desk that complements the size of your workspace. 

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4. Ergonomics

You should choose a desk that suits your work habits. For example, a standing desk is better suited to an active worker who moves around. Meanwhile, if you prefer to sit and relax while working, invest in a traditional large office desk and a comfortable desk chair. Other ergonomics guidelines in picking a work desk are: 

  • Choose a desk that allows you to move around the table without straining your arms.
  • To avoid neck injuries, choose a desk that allows you to view the monitor at eye level or higher.
  • Pick a desk with enough legroom to allow for free movement and to avoid cramps.

5. Budget

Available funds will always be a determining factor in the purchase of anything. So, make sure your desk choices are based on a reasonable budget. 

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6. Space Decor

Indeed, choosing a suitable office desk goes beyond function and price. Whether you work from home or in an office, select a desk that blends with the rest of your office furniture and equipment. 

After all, picking a desk that complements the work environment aids in creating a relaxing and professional atmosphere.


Selecting a work desk is critical. The wrong table can make you feel uneasy at work, reducing your productivity. On the flip side, a suitable office desk will make your job easier.

Are you going shopping for a new office desk? A read of this piece should come in handy in the process of choosing a suitable one.