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Can Veganism Improve Your Work?

22 March 2022

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your health or perhaps you want to boost your work productivity, trying a vegan diet might be for you.

Veganism has come into the spotlight in the last few years as companies and restaurants release vegan options to cater for this diet. You might know a few vegans, or maybe you’ve tried this diet out yourself. Either way, this culinary trend is hard to miss.

Do you know the perks of veganism and work? Keep reading to explore how this diet has boosted health and mental functions.

What Is Veganism?

Veganism can be defined as a diet that doesn’t include animal products. That means you can’t eat any meats, fish, seafood, dairy, or eggs. All meals must come from plants - hence the other name “plant-based”.

Some vegans go further than their diet and adopt a vegan lifestyle. This extends the ethos onto all purchases, so no leather shoes or wool jumpers. It can also include the boycotting of zoos and animal shows too.

While this seems restrictive, vegans actually have more choices than ever now. As more and more embrace this diet, retailers meet their needs with vegan versions of popular foods.

Next time you’re at the grocery store or your favourite restaurant, take a look at the vegan section. You’ll be surprised at the selection on offer.

Less Junk Food

A key element of veganism is the diet usually contains less junk food. Of course, you can find unhealthy vegan treats. However, if you focus on cooking from scratch at home, you use healthier ingredients. This is ideal for anyone that wants to improve their brain functioning, as you’ll be consuming more fruit and vegetables than meat-eaters.

Anyone considering a switch to a vegan diet must note that you need to make an active choice to avoid junk food. Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy! A vegan burger will leave you feeling just as sluggish as a meat one - avoid it if you have a long day of work ahead.

More Brain Power Foods

If you embrace the trend of cooking vegan meals at home, try opting for recipes with healthy foods. There are so many vegan influencers online today, so follow a few of these accounts to get some inspiration to fuel your workdays.

Make sure you focus on meals that include brain power foods for the best results. While it’s okay to opt for an easier or unhealthier meal every now and then, it shouldn’t happen all the time. A key element of veganism is focusing on plants that fuel your mind and body.

Add Some Movement

You are what you eat. But, you can complement your diet with some exercise too. Make sure you’re feeling your best with an added workout routine. There is a range of popular workouts online, but you can also use workout equipment like a popular cycle desk bike. Take your health and productivity into your hands today.

Foods You Need To Focus On

We’ve focused on the importance of healthy eating and choosing suitable vegan meals, but do you know what ingredients to aim for? Keep reading to learn the best vegan foods.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are great for you. Unlike refined grains (such as white rice), whole grains have more protein and nutrients. Popular whole grains include quinoa, oats, barley, corm, wild rice, brown rice, and wheat. These are easy to insert into meals, so get cooking!

Fruit and Vegetables

Perhaps one of the most prominent suggestions is double your fruit and vegetable intake. These foods include an abundance of vitamins and minerals, so make sure your eating as many of them as possible. If you can, try to opt for organic options as these have fewer chemicals and more natural goodness!

Plant-based Milk

Milk is a staple to most recipes, so you need to trial plant-based alternatives and find one you like. Most plant-based milk options have extra protein, which often leaves them much healthier than milk. Popular milk alternatives include soy, coconut, oat, and rice.


Finally, one of the staples of any vegan diet is tofu. This mysterious meat substitute replaces the B vitamins that you get from meat, plus it’s a good source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and iron too. Whether you fry it or pop it in a soup, this ingredient can complete any vegan meal.

Other Important Foods

Here are some other foods all vegans should add to their diets:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes
  • Flax and chia seeds
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Choline-rich foods

Consider these ingredients when creating your next shopping list!

The Takeaway

Even if you’re experimenting with veganism for a day or two per week, you’ll likely see an increase in energy and a clearer mind. This diet isn’t for everyone, but it’s always beneficial to eat more healthy foods. Try something new today with these crucial ingredients.

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