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Can Productivity Apps Help Me With Large Workloads?

23 February 2022

Today, we are busier than ever. We juggle multiple workloads, parenting, commuting, hobbies, relationships and other responsibilities such as caring for an older person. Consequently, life is harder to manage and our minds are packed with tasks, to-do lists and deadlines. 

Losing track of ourselves and our schedules is easy. When we miss one task, it quickly spirals into missing several. Before we know it, we are desperately behind schedule. This can then induce stress, cause poor work performance and even land you in hot water with the boss.

Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer any longer. Managing our time is also easier than ever thanks to technology. If you have a phone, a tablet or a desktop, you can maximize your productivity in the following ways:

Utilizing online tech to manage schedules

Certain online platforms and apps - such as Trello - can help us to manage our schedules and workloads. These programs are designed to be updated any time, from anywhere, send you updates, schedule reminders and keep you organized. Here’s some of the key advantages of using this type of technology.

1. You can remember appointments

Whether your appointments are personal or professional, a productivity app or electronic day planner can help you remember them. Set an alarm several hours or even days (or both) ahead of your appointment. You can also add notes, such as “remember to take a form of ID to this appointment” to ensure you have everything you need. Make sure that you enable notifications to ensure that your reminders appear in the lock screen and to keep the volume up on your phone or device to keep you alert.

2. You can assign tasks to others

If you have a shared platform with colleagues or family members, you can assign tasks to other people (and they can assign tasks to you). For example, if your colleague is due to send you an important document ahead of a meeting, you can assign them this task and set them a deadline and a reminder, so that you both stay organized. Similarly, if your daughter is due to submit a science project by a certain date, and you’d rather not be stuck doing it for her at the last minute, you can set up a reminder and alerts.

3. You can get a clear overview of what is outstanding

Don’t let outstanding tasks creep up on you. An organizational app can help you gain a clear overview of what you still need to do. You can set yourself deadlines for each task and get reminders when this deadline is looming. If a task is overdue, you will be alerted to this immediately. Keeping a clear overview of your tasks - whether they are work related or not - will help you to feel less stressed, more in control of your own life, and ahead of the competition at work.

4. Create daily structure

If you find yourself with no clear day plan, an app can help you resolve that. You can set times to wake up, make breakfast, start a morning task, go shopping, pick up the kids, attend meetings and submit reports. If you do something every day at the same time, you can make note of this in your planner as a repeat activity.

5. Set reminders to rest

When you look at your organizational app, do you see any downtime? If not, plan for some! Set aside a chunk of time each day in your planner to relax and unwind. Relaxing can help to reduce stress, increase future productivity and keep you calm and happy during the day. It’s important that you also have somewhere that you can relax during this time. Check out the latest range of ergonomic furniture to help maximize your relaxation time between important meetings.

6.Upload and share documents

As well as assigning people tasks, you can also send them documents and messages via an organizational app. For example, you might want to send around a meeting agenda before hosting an important meeting. You can do so via the app. This saves you searching through your inbox for hours trying to find that one important email ahead of a meeting.

It’s not just digital tech helping us

Productivity is undoubtedly improved when you utilize the latest technology. But ‘offline’ technology helps us too. For example, the layout of your office can drastically improve the way you organize yourself. The way your desk is positioned, the tidiness of your desk and your overall comfort levels can help you to remain productive.

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