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Boost Your Effectiveness While Working From Home with the New Comhar Standing Desk

16 March 2021

It’s so easy to get distracted when you work from home. There’s laundry to do, dishes to wash, and Netflix shows vying for your attention. Let’s not even mention if you live with a roommate or family members. Other people in the house just turn up the dial on distraction. So, how do you get work done in the new normal where many of us are forced to work from home?

We’ve got 4 surefire tips that will help you be more productive and effective if you put them into practice starting today!

Designate Your Work Space

Let’s be clear, your couch and bed don’t qualify as productive office furniture. Those are already earmarked in your mind for relaxation and retreat so it will be difficult for you to hunker down and focus when you try to get work done there. You need a dedicated work space, with a desk that means business like the new FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk. An effective workstation like that houses your laptop, monitors and work essentials, and is the perfect way to signal to your brain and body that it’s time for productivity.

Structure Your Work Schedule

When do you feel most productive? Is it in the morning after a cup of coffee? Or, do you perk up in the afternoon? Build a work schedule that begins your workday during the time you have the most energy. It will be easier for you to concentrate when you’re not tired, and you will even be able to take on your day’s most challenging task right from the start.


Work Smarter with Technology

You name the task, there’s an app out there that will probably help you get it done easier and faster. Whether you need a calendar app to remember appointments, an online to-do list to track projects or even a voice memo app to declutter your mind, don’t be afraid to leverage technology to keep you on track so you can focus. It also helps to have a smart desk like the Comhar that has technology built into the control panel with 3 charging ports (2 USB-A and 1 USB-C) to keep your app-friendly tablets, smartphones and other devices powered throughout the day.


Stay Active

Sitting in the same spot for hours may make you feel like you’re being productive, but research proves it’s bad for your health and actually drains your energy and focus as time goes on. Instead, keep your body active and your creative juices flowing by getting up every hour and moving around. If you still need to work during that time, the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk offers the perfect solution. With the press of a button, it shifts from your ideal sitting position to the optimal standing position all while keeping your monitor, keyboard and mouse at the most ergonomic levels for productive and effective work. It even features 4 programmable height presets so it remembers your preferred sit and stand heights.


This ultimate workstation not only helps boost productivity by preventing you from sitting all day while working from home, it’s packed with features and benefits we know you’ll appreciate like:

*Modern, Space-Saving Design:* Blends seamlessly with your home decor and fits into any room if you have limited office space.

*Convenient Built-In Storage:* It’s one of the few standing desks that feature a spacious built-in drawer to keep essential office supplies within reach.

*Broad Adjustable Height Range:* Adjusts from 28.3” up to 47.6” so it perfectly accommodates kids and short adults as well as individuals as tall as 6’4”.

*Advanced Control Panel:* Gives you maximum flexibility and control with 4 height memory settings, 3 integrated USB charging ports (only model with both USB-A and USB-C), and a child lock to prevent unsupervised tampering from children or pets.

*Anti-Collision Technology:* Prevents the desk from crushing objects or people in its path when lowering.

*Affordable Price:*  £399.99 for the desk, it’s comparable in price to other standing desks on the market while offering more features.

Working from home can be enjoyable! You just need the right workstation and the tips outlined here to help you make your days as productive and organized as they can be.