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Bike Your Way to a Healthy You

19 May 2021

Employees’ health is vital for any company or business organization. The workforce of the employees is the asset of a business organization because they generate revenues for it. Poor attendance of employees could impact the operation of a business or company. As such, executives and officials are doing their best to reduce employee absences including tardiness.

With the spread of Covid-19 that became a pandemic, many employees were allowed to work from home to avoid contracting the disease and spread of the virus. It was a sudden change for both employees and company executives. There was also downsizing of companies due to the pandemic and many employees were laid off or given the choice to resign or retire.

I was employed full-time in a company in the city before the covid-19 pandemic. And I witnessed how most employees went through confusion, stress, panic attacks, and fear.

We were advised to go to the clinic to check if we have symptoms of Covid-19. Otherwise, we were not allowed to go inside our workstation. There was a long queue of employees for the

checkup and there were only two nurses to attend to hundreds of employees.

We started wearing masks and face shields. We have alcohol dispensers in every corner, in places that employees usually stay. Even the cafeteria was not spared and it was closed for two days for the sanitation spray all over the place.

Despite heeding all the health protocols, we were able to hear through the grapevine that some employees were required to go on leave because they manifested the symptoms of Covid-19. They had to file their leave application and were not given a guarantee that they will receive their pay for the days that they were absent.

 It was so stressful because we were not informed about the employees who contracted the disease. So, we did not know if our work area was safe although they were sanitized almost every day. There was no guarantee that we were safe from the virus.

Until there was a memo that was cascaded to us that employees can choose to work from home to be safer from the pandemic. That was good news. However, there are other things to consider such as supplying us with computers that we can use at home. And paperwork is necessary such as a clearance to be signed and inspected before getting out of the building.

Some of the employees were able to procure their PCs in a shorter period. But others had to wait for several weeks to get theirs. Those weeks that you cannot work without the PC were not paid and you were tagged as “not working” So some had panic attacks, and some were frustrated about their pay. Eventually, after several months, all those who opted to work from home were able to settle down and work to get paid.

In my case, I chose to resign from the company and decided to look for another home-based work. I was lucky to be hired after several months of applying and waiting for a new job. I think that working from home has more benefits than working in the office. 

 Aside from being safe from diseases (hopefully), it is more economical because you spend less or not spend any money at all. However, stability could be an issue, and work from home does not offer the same benefits as when you were working in a more stable company. 

In my long years of employment with several companies, I observed that employees suffer different diseases and other physical disorder such as:

● Hypertension or high blood pressure

● Diabetes due to being overweight

● Pulmonary diseases

● Allergies

● Stress

● Heart disease

● Back and neck pain

● Arthritis

● Exhaustion

● Depression

The good news is that many companies offer health care benefits to their employees as soon as they become regularized and the health care benefits are extended to the immediate family members of the employee. 

Aside from this health benefit, you can also earn leave credits that you could use when you want to go on a vacation or when you get sick for several days. In that case, when you are already a regular employee, you are still paid with your absences.

As a telecommuter, it is necessary that we could do something to maintain our physical health because not all who work from home are privileged to have health care benefits. As such, we could follow some health regimens such as eating well-balanced meals that have fruits and vegetables. And of course, the regular exercise or physical activities.

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