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Best Ergonomic Office Furniture For Women

20 December 2021

In recent years, there has been a tremendous shift in the way we view women in the workplace, with equal pay and shared maternity care being just two issues allowing women to thrive more at work. What’s also changed in the way we view design and architecture, which is now being adapted to be more inclusive of women.

When it comes to the design of furniture and office spaces, women have their own unique physiology that requires, in some cases, adjustments to be made that differ from men. For example, women typically have smaller hands than men and may prefer handheld devices that don’t require their fingers to stretch too far. It is a known fact that when it comes to ergonomics, women suffer more than men.

At Flexispot, we are committed to creating furniture and accessories that are inclusive and supportive for all genders.

Here are some specific female issues we think about when selecting ergonomic furniture.

1) Pregnancy

A pregnant person has unique physiological needs. The pressure of the baby on the pelvis can create back and pelvic pain, which may require additional support from a chair. The Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 has a cushioned back support and a wide seat to allow for comfortable positioning during pregnancy. We also have a variety of desk converters in case you want to stand up and move around a bit. If you are trying to keep fit during pregnancy and want to enjoy some low impact exercise, you can also get a desk bike. Pregnancy can also induce headaches, which means you’ll need a properly adjusted monitor. Some pregnant people get swelling in their wrists and ankles, which may mean they’d benefit from a foot mat to support swollen ankles.

2) Alleviating Repetitive Tasks

Women are more likely than men to be performing repetitive tasks that could lead to a repetitive strain injury. Such tasks might include hours of typing, dealing with items on a conveyor belt or lifting and moving items repeatedly. To help reduce this problem, we offer items like the keyboard tray with a built-in wrist mat. This wrist mat can help reduce the repetitive strain on the wrists while women are typing.

3) Women are multitasking

Women are more likely than men to be performing a great variety of tasks throughout their day, which can include caring for children or grandparents or doing more housework along with office / corporate work. Juggling so many tasks is bound to take its toll on the female body. Furthermore, it can cause fatigue. We offer anti-fatigue foot mats to help with this problem. The mat helps support the feet and balance out your weight so that there’s then less strain on your back and the rest of your body. You can even use the anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen or when watching TV, so it’s not just for the office environment.

4) Women have more headaches than men

Studies show that women experience more headaches and migraines than men. There are lots of theories as to why this is - the stress of daily life and the female menstrual cycle being two of these. It’s important to try and tackle this with ergonomics if possible. One of the ways to do this is to ensure that a computer monitor is at the appropriate height and brightness so that you are not squinting to see the letters. Adjustable height desks can help to reduce the problem of headaches. A good monitor mount is also crucial.

5) Menstrual cramps

Many women have painful periods and this can include lower back and pelvic pain. These pains can last anywhere from one day to 2 weeks. Around 20% of women report pain that is so severe it interferes with everyday life. Unfortunately, many companies do not cater to ‘period leave’ for women, and many women face taking unpaid sick days if they are in too much pain to sit at their desks and work. Therefore, a comfortable chair that properly supports a woman during this time is important and can help women stay comfortable. We offer a range of chairs that can drastically reduce cramping pains especially if they occur in the back. Our back support office chair is made of breathable material (which is especially important during your period as your body temperature rises slightly), and adjustable headrest and back support so that you can find the perfect position that’s unique to you.


If you are a woman and wish to speak to us about the right ergonomic chair or furniture for you, we have a Livechat feature.