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Benefits Of Waking Up Earlier For Work

28 January 2022

The common saying “the early bird gets the worm” might just be true. While it’s not everyone’s favourite time of the day, getting up in the morning must be done. But, it doesn’t have to be hard!

We understand that for some people getting out of bed is like climbing Mt. Everest. This is especially tough in the winter months when it’s still cold and dark when the alarm goes off. Though mornings are tough, they can be better with a few extra tips.

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to get up early, keep reading. We’ve researched the benefits of getting up early for work to help you improve your morning routine. From mental health benefits to general body health benefits, there’s a whole host of positive impacts from rising earlier.

Keep reading to find out more.

Why should you get up earlier?

Are you interested in a more productive workday, better sleep, and better health? If you are, you might want to examine your morning routine. Getting up a mere hour earlier can have highly positive effects throughout your life. Now we’re in 2022, it’s the perfect time to change your habits. Make this year a good one with some healthy goals and techniques.

Here are the top reasons you should wake up earlier before work!

You can have a nutritious breakfast

This is a simple benefit, but often we spend our mornings too busy to think about preparing a meal. If you start your day with a balanced meal, you’ll have more energy and a better mood throughout the day. Breakfast is crucial to being more productive and more present whilst working.

If you want to avoid mid-morning hunger, rise an hour earlier and make sure food is part of your morning routine. This isn’t for everyone, but if you know you’re a breakfast-lover at heart, try adding this into your day.

There’s time for exercise

Another critical element of rising earlier is that you have extra time to get a workout in. If you’re not a morning person, this might sound like your worst nightmare, but hear us out.

A morning jog can get your blood flowing quicker, and this, in turn, will wake you up faster. Exercise also releases the feel-good and de-stressing hormones, which are essential to battle daily life.

If you’re ready to get active in the mornings but want to avoid the cold weather, a

Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro might be the next purchase for you. This handy gadget will boost your energy levels over the day, and you can even use it on rainy days without getting wet. A win-win!

You improve your sleep routine

While getting up early may sound counter-productive to getting a good night’s sleep, it actually can improve the quality of your sleep. When you wake earlier, you’ll tend to want to sleep earlier the following night. This sets you up for a healthier sleep routine that doesn’t involve staying up too late at night.

A healthy sleep routine results in better quality sleep, better mental health, and less stress. It’s also great for achieving clearer skin and a fresh-looking complexion too!

Getting up earlier decreases stress

When you get into a regular routine of waking early, you’ll see a lot of stress just disappears. This won’t happen instantly, but over time as your mind adjusts to a healthier morning routine, you will feel much better.

This is helped by the fact your mornings will be less rushed and more leisurely. Instead of walking up with a jolt and trying to get to work as soon as possible, you’ll have the luxury of taking your time.

There’s time to get organized

Similarly to the last point, the extra time in your morning will allow you to organise your day before starting work. This will lead you to feel more composed as you go through the day, lessening the chance of any last-minute meetings throwing you off.

Whether you spend the time planning your schedule, meal prepping, or organising your work bags. This extra time will benefit your composure. There’s nothing worse than waking up late and feeling like you’re working against the world rather than with it. Make sure you add a Mesh Desk Organizer into your routine for added organization!

Top tips for waking up earlier

Now we’ve laid out the key benefits to waking up early, do you feel motivated to see the sunrise? If you do, here are some important tips to try to help you rise earlier without feeling worse.

- Set your alarm and keep it away from your bed. This will require you to get out of bed to turn it off, and your body will have to wake up too.

- Start getting up earlier gradually. You won’t be able to instantly get up hours before your normal time. Instead, try to get up 15 minutes earlier, and then 30 minutes earlier, and so on.

- As soon as you rise, get out of bed. Don’t stay in bed reading messages or checking social media. Your brain associates bed with sleep, so you’ll likely fall back asleep.

- Go to bed earlier than usual. This may be tough at first, but if you avoid screens for an hour before bed and limit your coffee intake throughout the day, falling asleep early will be easy.

The Takeaway

If you’re used to getting up at the last minute and rushing out of bed, implementing these changes will feel tough at first. Just remember, after some time rising early will feel natural, and you’ll benefit from the numerous elements that come with an early morning.

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