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Are You Working In The Wrong Clothes?

11 March 2022

Life isn’t a fashion show, but our clothes matter more than you may expect.

Whether you love to get dressed up or not, it’s time to sit down and reconsider your wardrobe - especially the clothes you wear when working. Of course, some offices have strict business casual police, but if you work from home and have the luxury of choosing your own outfits, keep reading.

We’ve researched the most popular clothes to wear and clothes you should avoid. Scroll down to see what the top picks for productivity are!

Why Do Your Work Clothes Matter?

You might see clothes as a way of covering yourself, while this is true, there’s more to garments than that!

We all feel confident when wearing new clothes that fit well. This shows how powerful the right outfit can be. With this in mind, it’s time to start taking your work clothes seriously - they can make or break your productivity.

When lockdowns started in 2020, we all tried working in our pyjamas. Many of us would probably deny it now, but working in our PJs was a personal comfort. However, many workers soon realised that these comfy clothes stopped productivity as subconsciously, your brain couldn’t focus on a “relax time” outfit.

PJs and bedclothes should indeed be avoided, but if you’re still working from home, you won’t want to sit in a suit all day. Plus, it’s hard to use a cycle desk bike in tailored trousers! So, what is the winning combination? Keep on reading to find out.

Remember To Set Boundaries

When planning your outfit, it’s critical to set boundaries. This means you should separate the clothes you wear while working and the clothes you wear whilst chilling. This boundary will create a subconscious divide, and you’ll realise that your dedicated work clothes will leave you feeling ready to go.

On the other hand, once you put on your comfy chill-time clothes, you won’t want to work at all. As long as you don’t work in your lounging clothes, this boundary will boost your productivity when working from home.

What Clothes Should You Embrace?

Ready to go shopping? Here are some of the best work from home clothing tips.

Avoid Anything Too Comfortable

Of course, it’s okay to work in sweats or leggings every now and then, but this should be avoided if possible. When working from home, you need to create a home uniform, so your brain distinguishes between chilling and working. If you want to wear sports leggings, pair them with a blouse or knitted jumper instead of a slouchy hoodie. Balance in your outfit is vital.

Choose Clothes You Like

Another critical tip to boost productivity through clothing is to wear clothes that you like. Your productivity might be affected if you aren’t particularly keen on your work clothes. Instead, an outfit that you like will motivate you to get up and get dressed in the morning.

Add A Formal Element

Though you don’t need to sit at home in a tailored dress and heels, it’s often advised that you add a formal element to your outfit. This will strengthen your brain’s connection to work, plus it makes it easier to jump on a quick call. Make sure you have a blazer handy, too, as this will look much more professional than a sweatshirt on a Zoom call.

Which Clothes Should You Avoid?

There are some clothes that you should avoid when working from home too. While this isn’t a strict rule, bear these tips in mind when getting ready in the mornings.

Avoid Clothes You Sleep In

We’ve already hinted at this, but we’ll mention it again since it’s so important! When choosing your work clothes, don’t wear any clothes you sleep in. Pyjamas are a no-go when it comes to working from home wear. They decrease your productivity and motivation, plus they leave you wanting to go back to sleep!

Don’t Wear Sports Clothes

Another type of clothing to avoid is sportswear. While this is comfortable, your brian also associates it with other activities. This can leave you feeling distracted, plus you won’t look professional when you jump on a quick call. However, if you fancy a quick workout, consider our fitness chair! Ideal for getting fit and staying comfortable.

Remember To Get Dressed

Finally, it’s extra crucial that you actually get dressed in the mornings! This might sound unbelievable to some, but many people work from home in their underwear. It’s much more productive to get dressed than to work in your pants all day, that’s for sure.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, what you wear whilst working should reflect your needs. You can experiment with different combinations, too. Just make sure you stick to the style that helps you work best.

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