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Are Adjustable Beds Suitable For Side Sleepers?

31 Jan. 2023

Most of us have a preferred sleeping position, whether lying on our stomach, back, or side. You might have tried to sleep in an alternative position from time to time with little success. Our body knows what it likes, and trying to settle in anything but our favourite position can prove a fruitless experience. After all, if you can get a comfortable and relaxed night’s sleep in a particular position, why would you want to mess with that?

Many side sleepers are concerned that an adjustable bed frame would not suit them. Here, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of using an adjustable bed frame if you regularly sleep on your side.

What Is Your Preferred Sleeping Position?

When you settle into bed for the night, do you automatically get into a particular position? If you do, then you are not alone. Most of us have a go-to sleeping position that helps us to settle off to sleep quickly and get a restful night. Often, this is a sleeping position that we found comfortable during childhood, and it became a habit that lasted through to adulthood. Of course, this may change throughout our lives due to other situations, for example, illness, injury, or pregnancy. But generally, we always revert to our favourite position to help us to drift off to the land of nod.

Based on a survey of 664 participants, research suggests that 54.1% of our time in bed is spent sleeping on our side. Interestingly, increasing age and BMI measurements were associated with a longer period of time spent sleeping in a side position. Are you also a side sleeper?

How Do Adjustable Beds Benefit Side Sleepers?

You may not have considered it before, but now that you are looking to invest in an adjustable bed, you are keen to find out if it will work for you as a side sleeper. Many experts advise us to sleep in a side position, claiming that there are many health benefits. For example, side sleeping can help to optimise digestion, minimise indigestion and heartburn, improve symptoms of sleep apnoea and reduce snoring.

So what benefits does an adjustable bed offer to side sleepers?

● Help to reduce unnecessary pressure on the neck, back, shoulders and hips.

● Support a natural side sleeping position while improving blood circulation and reducing joint pressure.

● Provide optimum comfort, helping you to drift off to sleep even more quickly.

● Relieve insomnia by providing comfort and optional extras, such as a massage function.

● Suppose you suffer from digestive issues, such as heartburn and indigestion. Maybe you would like to avoid the complications associated with obstructive sleep apnoea, or are keen to reduce your snoring, then an adjustable bed can help with these issues.

How Best To Use An Adjustable Bed As A Side Sleeper

With an adjustable bed, you can customise the elevation of your upper and lower body to support your body structure effectively. This makes an adjustable bed frame the perfect choice for somebody who is comfiest when sleeping on their side. But to get the most out of your new bed, you must use it correctly. So here are a few points to consider as you try out your new bed:

● Make sure that you keep your spine in a neutral position. Raise your head and feet to ensure your spine stays aligned throughout the night.

● Choose a mattress that is suitably supportive and cushioning. Side sleeping can strain the shoulders and hips, so make sure you support these areas well.

● If you can, try to lay your arms out in front of you as you sleep to avoid placing additional strain on your shoulders and neck.

● Many experts recommend that you sleep on your right side as this helps to support a healthy heart. Right-side sleeping helps to maximise space in the chest cavity and to reduce pressure on the heart. This can stabilise your blood pressure and heart rate.

Final Thoughts

While adjustable beds were not designed with any particular sleeping position in mind, they are more suitable for side and back sleepers than those sleeping on their stomachs. If you are a side sleeper, just be sure to elevate your head and legs to get the most out of your adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed allows you to find the most relaxing, comfortable, and supportive position. Make sure you opt for an adjustable bed frame with plenty of customisation options, durability, and stability. Flexispot’s Adjustable Bed Base EB01 is the best adjustable bed base recommended by ETonline for a reason! Offering head adjustment ranges from 0 to 60 degrees, a quiet motor, and the ability to accommodate individual sleeping preferences, Flexispot’s Adjustable Bed Base EB01 can be used as a stand-alone support system or fit into a standard-sized bed frame without slats.

Once you’ve slept in your new adjustable bed, you will not look back. Just get ready to enjoy the endless nights of restful and refreshing sleep.

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