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A Standing Desk and a Baby

07 June 2021

Are you a working mom?

If yes, I have a story to tell you and maybe this is just one of those stories that you have already heard or maybe you or your friends have experienced. Anyway, for the singles, this might inspire you to be strong and prudent all the time if possible, as we have many challenges to hurdle these days.

With the pandemic still in our midst, we have the time to reminisce about those olds times that we miss and maybe recall some experiences wherein we learned something valuable and positive along the way. As a working mom, I enjoyed the nostalgic things of the past when my parents were still alive and we were together to have a happy family. It was good to recall how I was able to survive being a widow with a daughter to raise and support with the help of my parents.

My life then was almost perfect because I could work without worrying about my daughter back home. So I was always focused on my job that raised my productivity. Eventually, I was promoted to a higher position that positively overwhelmed me. Each day was a delight knowing that everything was fine and I was financially stable that I could support my family.

Well, living in this world as you know is not always a bed of roses. My father passed away after being bedridden with throat cancer. My mother was devastated knowing that she would no longer have someone by her side. They were married for 40 years and were always in each other’s company.

When my mother became a widow, she was all alone taking care of my daughter. My daughter was already in college when my mom passed away. It was the saddest part of my life. The only consolation is that my daughter could already take care of herself while I was at work.

She could prepare her food before going to school and could clean the house, too. So, everything in the house was organized and neatly arranged. Our home was always clean and I did not worry about cooking our meal for she knew how to cook dishes with basic ingredients. My life was fine and happy with my daughter. Then, I realized that life is not always perfect and consistent.

On the other hand, I had a co-worker who was also a single mom. She was young and she had a baby to take care of. I was wondering how she could manage to do that and at the same time report to work every day. I asked her about it and she said that her neighbor friend was the one taking care of her daughter. So I said that she was lucky to have such a good neighbor.

After several weeks, I noticed that Anne, my co-worker who was a single mom, did not report for work. I was not worried then because I knew she had to attend to her daughter sometimes when she got sick. Few days had passed but still, she had not reported for work. Our supervisor asked his secretary to contact her to know her situation but to no avail. 

I volunteered to go to her house to know how she was. She gave me her address when we went for lunch together. I reached her house and I was surprised to see her in bed crying with her baby on her side. So I asked her what was going on and why she was not able to go to work.

She said that her baby suffered some cruelty with her neighbor. 

One day when she got home and she had her baby, she noticed some dark marks and swollen areas in some parts of the baby’s body. She was afraid that her neighbor, although an old lady, might be hurting the baby when she cried a lot and could not stop her from crying.

She also explained that she did not have anyone to take care of her daughter so she cannot go to work. But I told her that we could talk to the management about her plight and maybe they would give her some suggestions so she could still work and earn money.

The next day, she reported for work and she had a meeting with the management for some advice about her problem. It was quite a long meeting with the boss. Until finally they agreed on giving her allowances for her baby to be in a daycare center while she was at work. It was a win-win solution for Anne and the management. Anne was very at computers so the company wanted to retain her and she was an exemplary worker. 

Anne was happy about the meeting’s outcome. She would be able to have her baby well taken care of in a daycare center and at the same time, she would be able to work continuously to support her baby and herself.

After several months, she brought her daughter to the office and we were glad to see the baby is growing well and healthy. Although babies were not supposed to be in the office, she managed to ask permission from the company to allow her sometimes to bring her baby to the office even twice a month.

A large worktable was given to her to work on where she could put her PC, office supplies, and of course at the corner, she had the baby crib at the corner of her desk. It was a pleasing sight to see a mom and her daughter together at work.

I think it is also possible that we could be permitted by the company to work with our children in tow if it is really necessary. With a large desktop, everything is possible to happen.

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