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You Need a Good Night's Sleep

29 June 2022

Our lives are busy, stressful and difficult to manage. The further we tread into the modern world, the more it comes to light the problems that we face as humans. It’s an unfortunate side effect of becoming more aware of ourselves and our needs. Yet one of those needs tends to slip to the wayside time and time again. We’re talking of course about a good night’s sleep. Yes, the lack of a good sleep can be one of the most detrimental effects to your health possible.

What Causes a Bad Night’s Sleep?

To defeat a problem, we first need to understand why it happens. Why do we get a bad night's sleep? Well, there are a number of reasons which could lead to this result. The first of many is too much caffeine and sugar, too late. It can actually take up to 10 hours for caffeine to leave your system. So if you’re drinking a 4-5 pm coffee, don’t expect to be getting to sleep until the early morning. Even if you do manage to sleep, sleeping with caffeine or sugar in your system isn’t going to do you much good. It’s better to ensure your last coffee is at least several hours before your bedtime.

A stressed mind is also not likely to find a comfortable sleep. Stress in itself is caused by a great deal of things and is difficult to deal with. But not impossible. One way of reducing stress before bedtime is through meditation. Now meditation can seem difficult to many at first, and that’s true, it’s not easy. But apps like Calm or Headspace work wonders. Not only do they have free guided meditations, but some are only 5 to 10 minutes long. Meaning you don’t have to sit around for an hour, just to get to sleep faster.

Speaking about the modern world, we can’t forget how poorly our mobile phones treat us. Whilst browsing Instagram or TikTok might help your mind drift off and be ready for sleep, it’s actually harming you. Your screens engage your mind and activate it, leading to poor sleep at the best of times. The easy solution is to limit your screen time before bed, but there are apps that can reduce the glare of screens and make it easier for your brain to rest.

The Health Problems With Insomnia

Health problems associated with lack of sleep are substantial and often overlooked. It’s almost as though we have been trained to accept that lack of sleep is normal and not a big deal. Also, the health problems associated with lack of sleep tend to creep up on us, rather than happening overnight, so it can be harder to spot the pattern and correlations. Some of the common health problems associated with poor sleep are:

● Obesity - which in itself can then cause a multitude of diseases and disorders.

● Cardiovascular disease

● Depression

● Anxiety - this can become a vicious cycle, as anxiety can then cause lack of sleep.

● Diabetes

● Stroke

● Skin and hair problems

● Low or high blood pressure

● Reliance on medications and alcohol, which can then lead to other health complications.

There are many more - too many to list - but even this short summary of health problems should be enough to worry  you if you aren’t keen on getting enough kip. Even short term problems can include loss of libido, no concentration, lack of productivity and blurred vision. Let’s start prioritizing our sleep and do something about it before the more major health complications show up!

What Can We Do About it?

In addition to the advice we’ve given above, there’s one big gap left to be filled. Your bed. Your bed is your gateway to a good night’s sleep. If that bed isn’t comfortable, isn’t designed to help you sleep well and ultimately doesn’t help you sleep, then it’s got to go. But what are you going to replace it with? We recommend the Adjustable Bed EB01. It’s designed with purely comfort and restful sleep in mind. With head adjustment ranges from 0 to 60 degrees, you can easily find a comfortable position for reading, watching TV or of course, sleeping. Not only that but you can combine two Twin XL beds together to form a Split King Bed, allowing you and your sleeping partner to adjust the bed according to your own preferences. All without disturbing each other.

What Can Flexispot Do To Help You Sleep?

Getting the perfect night’s sleep is more important than many of us realise. As a result, we should treat it with the utmost care and thought. If you’d like to learn more about our flexible sleeping solutions, get in touch with us and our dedicated team will be happy to give you some advice. Alternatively, take a look at our buyer guide to browse for yourself.