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What is trekking all about?

07 Jun. 2022

Trekking is walking through the wild areas with an aim to explore and enjoy the scenery around you. Millions of people worldwide go trekking every year in the least disturbed areas and possess a great deal of wilderness.

Globally, the mighty mountainous ranges offer wonderful trails for the trekkers to visit. Since such places are not connected with roads, a person has to walk tens or hundreds of kilometers on foot to reach the difficult and most remote places. Some people cherish trekking for health benefits, while others are into enjoying the magnificent panoramas of the mountainous ranges as a hobby and getting to see different traditions and cultures.

Tips for trekking

· Ensure proper hydration levels all along the trek

· Carry a waterproof adventure bag

· Maintain your pace (Don’t be too slow to lag behind)

· Stay warm and carry warm and waterproof clothes

· Starting early in the morning to arrive early is one of the first rules for trekking

· Guides and porters are important. Porters will carry your luggage to the trekking place, while a guide will help with tougher and remote routes.

· Horses and mules on trial will save your energy and time if you like.


Rather than buying equipment, you can try renting them at almost any place in the world. However, before venturing into the mountains, make sure all the gears are thoroughly checked.

· Sleeping bag

· Lighter or matches covered with waterproof cover

· Tent

· Small waterproof backpack

· Maps

· Swiss Army knife

· Personal toiletries

· Water bottle

· Emergency rations/goodies

· First-aid kit

· Rope for high-altitude treks

· Ice-axe

· Headlamp

· Whistle

· Parachute cord

· Sunscreen with high SPF

· Sewing kit

· Pen, dairy, and reading material

· ChapStick

· Camera

· Sunglasses

· Plastic bags or Ziplocs


Reduced stress levels

Trekking will help you in a lot of ways, one of which is health. As per scientific studies, exposure to nature is associated with lower stress and anxiety levels among individuals. People choosing nature walks more often have better health than those taking urban routes. One of the best ways to cleanse your body and mind from stress and anxiety is by spending time trekking or in nature. Trekking demands a person to stay focused, with majestic mountain scenery being the only distraction. For most trekkers, the most relaxing time is spent in the wilderness.

Better fitness

Your physical health is immensely improved by trekking. While trekking, a person spends multiple hours on trial hopping around rocks, climbing, and ascending, which gives a trekker’s body a wonderful workout that improves agility, cardio fitness, and strength. Trekking also offers you a wonderful way of losing weight. This happens because of your work while ascending mountains that help burn hundreds of calories per hour. It surely compares with the amount of time being spent indoors in the gym.

Inner Cleansing:

It is more likely that you will drink more water and eat better food items than drinking alcohol or coffee during trekking. When you consume healthy foods while avoiding unhealthy ones, the inner body is cleansed of the toxicants. Your body will surely get empowered, the skin will rejuvenate, and you will feel fantastic.

Better cardiac health

Your heart works harder to meet the energy demands when you trekking, increasing your cardiovascular strength. The respiratory and circulatory system’s health is improved because of the increased blood flow to the brain and muscles. Moreover, you will have a cleaner respiratory system because of breathing in pure oxygen from forests. On the contrary, air from cities is polluted, with around 75 percent of air pollution coming from vehicular emissions.

Understanding cultures

During trekking, the chances of visiting sacred aboriginal places are higher. You came along with the people living in the wilderness and get surprised by their cultures and traditions. This way, you have a broader perspective of the people living across the globe. Birdwatching and wildlife are among other important things you will enjoy during a trek. You won’t find many birds and animals around you in cities.

Lifetime friends

Trekking with people of similar interests creates serious and lifelong friendships. Spending time bonding with each other, encouraging, supporting, and motivating others during tough times helps make some serious friends in life. You start overcoming differences by sharing experiences and good memories while trekking, which encourages the acceptance of people around you. You will have more one-to-one conversations in the wild as the internet is inaccessible. Spending a week with people helps make a life-long friendship that may not be possible in busy cities.

Skill development

Besides helping you with mental, physical, and social health, trekking has other advantages. Planning a trek and visiting the wilderness makes you aware of the wildlife and areas around. You become a guide yourself with time, helping people trek and earn some money. Millions of people worldwide are already earning their livelihood from guiding, wildlife adventures, etc. Develop a skill, specialize in it and start earning.


Trekking is something that you should experience once in your life. However, make all preparations before going into the wilderness. Pay attention to all the requirements needed to have some serious fun out there. May it be your physical, mental, or social health, trekking helps with all. Apart from that, you get an equal chance of developing a skill and start earning. Remember, once a trekker, always a trekker.

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