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What An Adjustable Bed Base Can Do For You

04 August 2022

If you have trouble sleeping, an adjustable bed base and mattress could help you drift off to sleep much easier.

They can provide a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep, helping you access more restorative deep sleep.

There are many benefits to using an adjustable bed - and many things to consider when you go about buying one - but we have got you covered!

Read on for a summary of the benefits of adjustable beds and a guide for buying the right one for you.

What are the benefits of using an adjustable bed?

- More comfortable than an ordinary bed

- Can help to relieve back pain

- Aids digestion

- Can relieve or reduce snoring and improve breathing

- Shown to improve circulation

- Encourages better posture, especially when sitting in bed

- Convenience, for example moving smoothly from relaxing with a book to sleeping

- Accessibility or specific support (e.g. for pregnancy or health issues)

How to buy the best adjustable bed

#1 Check the quality

Invest in a quality adjustable bed to really take advantage of the benefits.

Look for a model with a sturdy bed frame and smooth transition in particular.

If possible, ask for a demonstration so that you can see how smoothly (or not) the bed transforms. Clunky or noisy movement suggests quality is lacking.

Most importantly, opt for a bed that comes with a generous warranty policy. Purchasing your new bed from a company with a reputation for good customer service is also desirable.

#2 Decide which type of adjustable bed you require

There are two common types of adjustable beds: lifestyle and profiling adjustable beds.

Lifestyle beds can raise the head side of the bed and are great for reading or watching TV. However they don’t tend to be suitable for people with mobility needs or health conditions.

Profiling beds offer a wider range of positions and adjustment features. You can buy two-part, three-part or four-part profiling beds which offer increasing mobility support and adjustability. They tend to be better for people with specific health needs.

#3 Check the measurements

Adjustable beds tend to be slightly bigger than regular beds, so check your mattress size before purchasing. Many companies offer single, double and king size adjustable beds.

Also remember to check that the height adjustability options meet your requirements.

Finally, remember to measure your space. There is nothing worse than lugging a bed frame up a tight, twisty staircase only to realise that it won’t fit in your bedroom.

#4 Try before you buy

Try out your new bed in a showroom or opt for one that comes with a generous returns policy.

As we spend so much of our time asleep, it’s really important to have a comfortable bed that meets your needs.

#5 Seek professional advice

If you are looking for an adjustable bed due a medical condition or health need, speak to a doctor first.

What can FlexiSpot’s EB01 Adjustable Bed Base do for you?

The EB01 adjustable bed frame provides all the benefits of an adjustable bed with the quality you would expect from FlexiSpot.

Highlight #1: Adjustability and flexible design

The EB01 can sit within your existing external bed frame to maintain the decor of your room. Simply remove the slats from your bed frame and place the EB01 inside the frame.

Or you can use the bed frame as a stand-alone frame.

With several heights options (3”, 6” and 9”) to suit different bed frames, you are sure to find one that works in your space. The 9” frame height option provides plenty of underbed storage space to help you keep your bedroom essentials organised.

The frame has a useful adjustable range of 0 - 60°, so you can go from upright reading, to reclining movie-watching, to horizontal sleeping with ease.

And with quiet movement at less than 50 db, your transitions won’t disturb anyone else.

The EB01 even accommodates separate sleep preferences - two single bed frames can be put together to form a split king-sized bed. This way each user has independent adjustability.

Highlight #2: Strength and durability

The EB01’s sturdy steel frame and integrated support grid provides strong support that lasts for over 10 years - and is backed up by a generous 10 year warranty on the frame! (As well as a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 2 year warranty on the adaptor and remote.)

The six legs have undergone strength testing and the whole frame is guaranteed to support the weight of 3 adult males.

You can even get a 30-day risk free trial when you purchase your adjustable bed frame on FlexiSpot’s website.

Highlight #3: Ease of use

The EB01 comes with an easy-to-use remote control, which helps you to simply adjust the bed frame to find your most comfortable sitting, relaxing and sleeping positions.

The frame comes 90% assembled with tool-free assembly. Simply attach the legs and the adjustor and then tuck yourself in for a comfortable sleep.

EB01 Adjustable Bed Base Specification

● Bed frame size: 80” x 38”

● Head incline: 0 - 60°

● Max capacity: 600 lbs

● Product weight: 65.04 lbs

● Product gross weight: 75.4 lbs

The Bottom Line

Still unsure about your adjustable bed purchase? Here is a round-up of the benefits of adjustable beds and the key features of FlexiSpot’s EB01:

● Improved comfort

● Numerous health benefits, from better posture to improved circulation

● Transition from sitting to sleeping easily

● Flexibility of two single beds joined together as a double

● Proven durable motor and strength-tested frame

● Simple assembly