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Ways to set up your office desk for success

11 May 2022

The way of setting up your office desk may not seem to have a significant effect on your productivity. But, it does affect your performance, concentration, and productivity at work. It may be harder for you to work on a cluttered desk, making it tougher work. This is why setting up your office desk is important for you to be successful.

Here is how you can set up your office desk this season and get the maximum out of your life.

1. Keep it healthy

Sitting at a desk might not be easy on your body. Repetitive tasks might have a bad impact on your joints. Activities such as typing or using a mouse for prolonged times can lead to several health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, there is a lot to do at your desk that helps you stay healthy while working.

Furthermore, the concept of ergonomics can help you as it deals with staying productive in a workplace. There is a lot associated with setting up your office desk, chair, and computer to ensure a healthy posture. Here are some basic tips that help you stay productive.

· Your elbows should bend at 90 degrees while typing. So, you must set the chair height likewise

· Position the monitor in a way that its top lies at your eye level and at least 50 cm away

· Avoid excessive stretching of your arms by keeping your mouse and keyboard as close as possible

· Take regular breaks to avoid getting bored

· Sit straight

Other than this, you will find tons of tips to help you stay healthy while working. That way, the chances of developing pain and damaging your joints are significantly lowered.

2. Own it

This depends on several things, including your work nature, overall working environment, and the working culture of your office. It is favorable to bring in some new items to make your office space extra comfortable. Adding a photo to the wall can mood you up, but avoid doing that in excess. Don’t clutter your workplace by adding excessive items; thus, adding one or two is appropriate.

In the same way, adding ornamental plants to your workspace is a great idea. Ensure that your office allows this, or you have time to take care of it. If yes, then a plant comes with all kinds of benefits. Some positive impacts of having some greenery in your workspace include humidifying the air, better air quality, and boosting productivity. Moreover, choose an easy-to-care plant from a large list that does well in your workspace.

3. It should make sense

There is nothing better than staying on top of your tasks after you start working. You must already know about ways of managing workload, but there is more to do by setting up your desk to get the things done comfortably.

Several studies suggest setting up your office desk productively. For instance, you can pile up the things to do on your left and the thing on which you are working on the right. Whenever a task is completed, move it to the right. Remember, what works for you might differ but keeping your desk organized sensibly keeps your brain active.

Buying a productive office desk

So, you want to buy yourself an office desk from Flexispot owing to the said advantages. An office desk from flexispot has a lot to offer which includes:

Enough office space:

With a size of 120x60cm, the office desk from Flexispot has enough space to meet your office needs. You can place lamps, laptops, books, teacups, and other office supplies all in one place. Providing sufficient space for work and study, this desk is suitable for office, home, and school.

Easy assembly: You can install the office desk within 15 minutes because of the installation tools, clear installation instructions, and e-drilled leg holes. This means you don’t need to be a person of technical knowledge to assemble the desk.

Modern design: The office desk from flexispot comes in 2 color options; Fir and rustic brown. With a compact and simple design, these colors match well with the surrounding.


The desk is made wear-resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant, anti-corrosion, and insulated to heat for a longer life span. Melamine paper covers their surface so that the stuck dirt can be wiped off in one go.

Wonderful stability: The office desk is highly durable and stable as the desk frame is made with premium steel.

Wide functions: The office desk from flexispot is suitable for the living room, bedroom, study room, children’s room, kitchen, and office. You can also use it on the sturdy deck, picnic table, computer desk, office desk, etc.

In summary, take your time to set up the office space with cool office desks from flexispot to enjoy all kinds of benefits. These benefits include increased productivity and improved mood. Adding a plant, keeping your desk neat and clean, and keeping it healthy and comfortable can make the placement the best for you.