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Top 3 Best Ergonomics Office Chairs for Tall People by FlexiSpot

02 September 2022

Being tall may have several benefits but finding an appropriate chair for the office may become a struggle. But FlexiSpot understands employers’ frustration in this regard and we are here to help. Imagine one of your employees sitting on a small office chair that is too uncomfortable. Their knees are flexed and a portion of their thighs are exposed past the front of their seat. As much as it sounds awkward, it is more painful for the employee. This long-term inappropriate way of posture because of the office chair can negatively impact your employee’s health and make it awkward for them.

Considering these factors, FlexiSpot has strategically designed comfortable office chairs for tall people. Their ergonomics have been specially made to allow users to adjust their position to fit their individual body types. Without the benefits of ergonomic office chairs, employees will undoubtedly suffer from bad posture, back pain, and decreased productivity.

With this post, you can select the office chair that best suits your office employees' different body types and heights.

Specifications of a Tall Person

Before we take the plunge to explore the chairs, we must have a basic understanding of a tall person. People have different heights; however, a man's average height in the UK is 5’9” and 5’3’ for a woman. The chairs have been designed roughly around these heights. Anyone who is beyond the mentioned heights can get chairs customized as well.

Best Office Chairs for Tall People 2022

Here are some of the hand-picked ergonomics office chairs for tall people by FlexiSpot that are chosen by experts. Read the details and features to select the most appropriate one and make an informed decision.

1. Ergonomic Chair Pro (BS11 PRO)

With a sprung pronounced lumbar support; the Ergonomic Chair BS11 PRO is specifically designed to help refine users' posture. Adding aesthetics to your office space, this chair has a modern design and seat structure that is both comfortable and stylish for both tall and short people.


· Simple yet outstanding design featuring PU soft plastic that can adjust the back strength depending on body weight

· Seat adjustment option meets the needs of various users, providing additional support

· Brand new armrest and handrail lifting control-evoke

· Arch-shape design of adjustable headrest makes the cervical vertebrate fits naturally

· Whisper-quiet PU wheels protect the flooring

2. Back Support Office Chair BS10

BS10 is a fully functional ergonomic office chair designed for intensive 24-hour use, especially back support, as the name implies. Employees, regardless of any height, can work comfortably as they will be correctly supported round-the-clock.


· Movable and modern lumbar support that can be adjusted over 8 cm, offering flexibility to the worker

· Headrest can be adjusted to over a range of 6 cm and can be titled down to suit users’ needs

· Comes with multifunctional handles, R1 and L1 to adjust the seat height and R2 and L2 for resistance of the backrest

· Equipped with 5 multifunctional practical feet with castors permitting the chair to be rolled quietly

3. Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair BS1B

With its 3D lumbar support system, 135o lounge tilt and various other multifunctional options, this chair gives workers an ultimate seating experience behind their desks. Ideal for all kinds of heights, it is certified by known authorities.  


· Comes with a breathable mesh made from Italian imported chenille, offering ventilation and securing most delicate fabrics

· Adjustable armrests provide maximum comfort to your arms and elbows

· Offers 3 height adjustment levels 3D lumbar support system, ensuring neck and spine comfort

· 45o backrest tilt helps workers bend during their break time

· Customized seat depth depending on body shape

· Premium quality chair certified by TUV/BIFMA/SGS with more than 10000 pressure test cycles

We hope that we have made buying an office chair for tall people comparatively easier for you now. If you still want to explore more options, visit FlexiSpot official site for ergonomics office chairs or contact their representative.