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The Top 5 Plants for Your Home Office

24 June 2022

You, like many, now find yourself working from home. It’s a difficult transition for many, but one positively rife with benefits. There are some fantastic benefits to home working. You get to manage your time more effectively, wear what you want, use the loo as often as you like and enjoy your preferred coffee. There’s also no commute from your bedroom to your lounge - what a bonus!

One other fantastic benefit to home working is the ability to decorate your own home office. Whether you have your own room or a desk set up in the corner of the living room, it’s all yours. You can put up pictures, hang flowers, burn candles, have a bookshelf, install a fridge - anything you want to make your work life more comfortable.

Now, there’s one thing you should certainly be considering when it comes to your home office and that’s plants.

Plants for your home office

Plants are known for their health and wellbeing benefits. In fact, it is said that people in nursing homes who live with plants tend to live longer than those without plants! There is also evidence that in the workplace, offices with greenery experience less worker absenteeism than offices with grey walls and no shrubs whatsoever. Plants can naturally give us a happy hormone boost due to their lovely appearance and the satisfaction we get from feeding them and watching them grow. Plus, once they’re in bloom, they look absolutely beautiful.

Not only do they look great, they also offer some genuine mental health benefits, including decreased anxiety, decreased loneliness and a more positive outlook. They also produce more oxygen which helps increase focus and as a result, productivity. If you can keep a plant alive (and it’s really not that hard) then we wholly recommend that you get one. So, here are our top 5 plants you need in your home office.

Devil’s Ivy

As dramatic as this house plant sounds, it’s actually quite pleasant. A type of evergreen vine with large leaves that can sometimes be heart shaped, this plant is an excellent addition to any office. It adapts well to both low and bright light whilst not requiring a whole lot of care. What’s more, it can grow larger than a desk plant if you give it a larger pot. Perhaps Devil’s Ivy will one day graduate from office and make it to the garden lineup?

Peace Lily

Now we know you’ve heard of a peace lily. Known for its wide, broad and deep green leaves, the peace lily grows beautiful white flowers without requiring a lot of light and aren’t very delicate when it comes to water. In addition to looking beautiful, the peace lily helps to remove toxins from the air and to create a much more pleasant environment to work in.

The Classic Cacti

Cacti are an office classic. They’re interesting to look at and they take almost no attention to maintain. So if you’re busy from dawn until dusk, your cacti won’t hold it against you. In fact, cacti almost thrive from neglect. However, unlike the other plants on this list, you may have to keep your cacti closer to a window to attract a bit more light. Just make sure you don’t go reaching around blindly, because you may end up rueing the day you bought a cactus.


Whilst bromeliads take a bit more effort than other house plants to bloom, once they do, they require very little attention. Not only that, but from a visual standpoint it’s absolutely worth it. Bromeliads striking colours are a joy to look at and will certainly brighten up any home office. In fact, they’re likely to make your coworkers jealous enough to buy their own. Just make sure you tell them how to take care of this plant.

Ficus Benjamina

Known oddly as the weeping fig, the Ficus Benjamina is an interesting looking plant to say the least. Originating in the wild and tropical forests of India, Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, this plant adds a lot to any home office. The Ficus Benjamina produces aerial roots which reach downwards to the ground where they surround the trunk and fuse together, strangling the tree. Again, quite dramatic, but the Ficus Benjamina is not best known for its subtlety. You will have to keep it away from any cold areas or draughty rooms, as the cold can harm this plant.

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