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The Best Standing Desks For Clutter-Lovers

24 June 2022

Struggling to find a desk which combines your need for space with your desire for a healthier work life? FlexiSpot is here to help with a range of standing desks which can give you the space you need for your work equipment, multiple screens and desk clutter.
Investing in a standing desk, rather than a run-of-the-mill stationary desk, can have a huge positive impact on your health. Regularly rotating between the sit and stand modes will help to keep your legs active, improve your posture and reduce the aches and pains which come from sitting for too long.
Standing desks tend to have a minimalist look, often with no attached storage options. Although standing desks do come in different size options, they are usually designed to fit in small home offices rather than maximise on space.
But don’t worry maximalists, here we will round-up the space-indulgent, maxi-storage standing desks for you! Read on to discover the must-have desk features for clutter-lovers and dual-screen workers and see our top three standing desk options.

Key Features To Look For:

- Large or L-shaped desktop to maximum space for your dual screens, printer, pen pots and decorative items.
- Sturdy desktop with 2.5cm thickness and a scratch-resistant coating to keep your desk in pristine condition.

- 3-stage legs for stability so that the weight of your desk equipment and clutter doesn’t impede the rising function.

- Enhanced legs for maximum weight bearing so that you can rely on your standing desk.

- Built-in storage options for your stationery, equipment, notebooks, snacks and whatever else your desk needs to keep safe for you.

- Monitor mounts or stands to free up space on your desktop and also improve your posture.

The Top Three Desks For You

To save you from a long search for the best spacious and sturdy standing desks, here are the top three!

These standing desks all feature lots of desktop space and sturdy weight-bearing legs. Some even come with in-built storage options, from additional shelves to handy under-desk drawers. All you need to do is decide which is your favourite!

The Lots-of-Desktop-Space Desk:

FlexiSpot’s L-Shaped Adjustable Desk E1L

The L-Shaped desk offers maximum desktop space without completely taking over your workspace or home office area. With plenty of space for both a computer and a printer (or any other digital equipment which you regularly use), this is a great option for workers with multiple devices or a passion for tech.

The 2-stage legs offer a seamless transition between the sit and stand modes and can support the weight of the average desk set-up with ease. The weight capacity for this model is 100kg - just imagine how much stationery that is!

Available in white or black, the L-Shaped desk combines style with functionality and is certainly a favourite of the desk-proud.

The Multi-Functional Desk:

FlexiSpot’s Studio Standing Desk ESD1

The multi-functional Studio Standing Desk is the most flexible of FlexiSpot’s standing desks. With additional shelves and height levels, the Studio desk is perfect for varied set-ups for the creatively-minded or for workers who like to sprawl.

With a 50kg loading capacity, the Studio Standing Desk can hold multiple screens or devices, a music keyboard and your craft supplies.

The Extra-Storage Desk:

FlexiSpot’s Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2

The Esben desk is one of the most stylish standing desks. It also comes with handy drawers to store your clutter and work snacks!

Featuring three in-built USB ports, this desk is functional as well as stylish. Add a cable duct to preserve the clean lines and simple style of this desk.

With a 40kg loading capacity, this desk requires the most lightweight desk set-up out of the three, but rest assured that the capacity is plenty for your dual screens and folders.

Short On Storage Space?

Add some additional storage options to help you stay organised and boost your space, while keeping in style with the rest of your workspace.

The Monitor Mount 10"-27" d1d can hold up two screens to create more space on your desktop. Flicking between your two screens will take less of a toll on your neck while your screens are elevated.

Hide away your small devices, extra wires and stationary collection in the stylish CB31 Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet. The cabinet will fit comfortably under most desks and comes with castors for simple, scratch-free movement.

The Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser not only looks great, but can help to reduce neck pain by raising your screen to eye-level and promoting better posture. You could also use the stand to display your cacti collection or your pen pots and travel cup.

Round Up: Key Features To Look For

- Large or L-shaped desktop to maximum space

- Sturdy desktop with 2.5cm thickness

- 3-stage legs for stability

- Enhanced legs for maximum weight bearing

- Built-in storage

- Monitor mounts or stands