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The 3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

08 July 2020

Are you beginning to get tad tired of switching screens, downloading documents from different files and tabs? How about the time you really wanted to finish work but you just can complete whatever you’re doing because you’re lost in the tabs again? Do you feel limited while using your single device screen?

Were there times that you have been experiencing neck pain and poor posture from your usual work setup? If your answer is yes in most of these questions, then perhaps, this is the perfect time you invest in a dual monitor or a monitor arm for a great viewing angle.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the overwhelming benefits of dual monitors and why two is always better than one.

Boost Productivity

In an interview done by Computer World, an interviewee and programmer named Stefan Thibeault is convinced of the value of using dual PC monitors, as it has given him larger workspace and eliminates disturbances from the frequent alt tab and cutting down trips to his printer. However, some of his co-workers who didn’t jumped with the idea has concerns with losing their desk space and the uncertainties of using dual screens.

What most users don’t know about the dual monitors is that you can easily move your cursor from screen to screen. Having two screens also give you easy access of displaying email in one monitor, and application on the second screen.

But transitioning from a single use monitor to a dual monitor isn’t that easy. If you’re not a techy person, know that you need to have a desktop system, a video card upgrade, and of course, a sturdy desk or desk risers to support your dual monitors.  

User Satisfaction

Working in an e-commerce company, customer service chat window, or distribution for example may cause employee a hard time to multitask. With a dual monitor screen, one can easily look at the spreadsheet, while checking an email and downloading a file at the same time. Moving some browsers to another screen can increase the ability to multitask and focus on one task at a time by reducing distractions.

In an article written by (e)mazzanti technologies, a study was conducted showing a completed set of tasks nearly 2.5 minutes faster using a dual-monitor setup than with a single monitor, amounting to 40 minutes saved per day. In another study, participants reported less stress, strain, fatigue, and effort in performing tasks on dual monitors while saving up to 23% on effort and time on technical tasks – thus saving millions for Cisco, an American multinational technology conglomerate.

Perfect for Gamers

Another overwhelming benefit of dual monitors is it can make a computer more powerful. With the increased space, it’s easier to organize your work and to get more done. Dual monitors bring its user a better and wider gaming experience, but much better if these monitors have a rotation function, and this can only happen if you put a mount on them. These monitor mounts allows you for more complex positioning and angling so you can work and play to your preferred style.

Since most gamers do live streaming nowadays, having a dual-monitors allow them to easily view a chat and respond to their viewers in real time. Depending on your current set up, you might need some extra accessories for your monitors: such as a stand, mount, or arm.


More studies are showing the benefits of having dual monitors for productivity, as it saves time and effort from switching to different browsers, and help employees experience fewer distractions as well.

For a comprehensive ergonomic posture and enhanced efficiency, try investing in a FlexiSpot monitor arms. It also helps with any discomfort while working for too long.

You should also consider getting same-sized monitors for a more balanced experience, or if ever you already have two different screens, make sure they’re properly aligned for best performance.