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Standing Desks: The Stress Killer

22 June 2022

Stress. It’s no overstatement to say that it’s a killer. It’s estimated that as many as 120,000 people die a year from stress (or at least, the horrible health complications it can cause). And let’s face it, we’re all stressed. Whether it’s work, family, friends, money or a great many other sources, stress is everywhere. We are also not overly good at noticing it. Stress tends to creep up on us, and often only when we are on the brink of a nervous breakdown do we think to act. This is a terrible idea - being proactive about your health and wellbeing will stop you reaching crisis point.

Taking Stress More Seriously

Traditionally, stress has been viewed as ‘part of the job’. In fact, the mentality has been, if you aren’t stressed, you probably aren’t working hard enough. This is what causes burn out, depression, absence from work, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. Stress is incredibly serious and should be avoided. It is also not necessary as part of our lives. Of course, there are small everyday occurrences that might induce a stress response - a crying child, a deadline, an interview - but it should not dominate your day or your thinking.

So how do we reduce that ever-creeping stress? Well, there are a few options we could list, such as exercise, better eating, sufficient sleep and self care, but today we’re going to address a very specific solution that is sure to work wonders on not just your mental health but your physical health too. We’re of course talking about the standing desk.

What Are Standing Desks All About?

People often complain about being on their feet all day. After a long time standing or walking, many of us can’t wait to put our feet up on the sofa and relax. So why would we want to spend the majority of the working day standing up at a desk when we could be sitting on a chair? Well that’s because your average, every day office chair, is an ally of stress. Yes, it’s true. They’re horribly designed and are putting unnecessary pressure on your back, neck and can even cause problems for your feet. Not to mention how they encourage bad posture which many of us happily slouch into. So unless you’re going to look into an ergonomically designed chair, let us tell you a bit about standing desks.

Standing desks provide more health benefits than we can list here. For one, standing up for extended periods of time helps increase blood flow which in turn increases concentration. Concentration which can now be put into improving your work, which helps reduce your stress as you perform better. Not only that but standing at a desk encourages good posture and standing up straight. This takes a lot of pressure off your body and a lot of strain off your neck. After all, a sore and painful body is just one of many sources of stress. It leads to headaches, migraines and more pain.

How Do You Choose a Standing Desk?

Now that you’re considering standing desks as a viable option to help reduce stress, how do you choose one? Well, it’s quite simple actually. There are a few things to consider but after that it’s all smooth sailing. Firstly, do you want to be able to switch between standing and sitting during the day? Whilst standing is great, you may feel more comfortable sitting down once in a while. In which case, you need an adjustable standing desk like the Active Standing Desk EQ5. This wonderful piece of innovation allows you to transition between standing and sitting with the press of a button. Yes, you can program your height preferences and switch between them at ease.

Or maybe you’re fully committed to the standing desk life and just want something more simple. The Standing Desk H1 is a perfect choice. It can in fact be adjusted to your perfect height via a crank, but that’s completely your choice.

Once you’ve decided what type of standing desk you want, it’s a simple case of choosing one that suits your style and the room you’re going to use it in. Whether that’s sleek modern white or a polished wood finish, it’s entirely your choice. Whatever you choose though, we know it’ll be the start of your journey to a stress free life.

How Can Flexispot Help Reduce Your Stress?

At Flexispot we don’t just offer standing desks, no we offer a full range of ergonomically designed furniture. So when we say we can help you reduce stress, it’s not just words. Get in touch with us to learn more about our range or take a look at our buyer guide today.