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Signs It's Time For A New Bed

03 August 2022

Sleeping is one of the most important things we do. It’s often overlooked however. Sleeping doesn’t progress your life, doesn’t earn you a promotion or find you new friends. Sleeping isn’t going to make you happy, not by itself anyway. A good night's sleep is required to do nearly everything that holds value within our lives. You can’t achieve any of the above without being fully rested, not for long anyway. So while good sleep doesn’t directly contribute to the things we want in life, bad sleep certainly has a negative impact. With that in mind, you know what you need, but how do you get good sleep? A lot of the time it’s down to your bed, the right bed changes everything. So today we’re going to look at the signs that it’s time for a new bed.

You Don’t Feel Fully Rested

Often people say that they’ve slept all night yet wake up tired. There can be many reasons for this: Stress, alcohol, dehydration, bad dreams etc. But another reason is that the bed is uncomfortable and your body isn’t able to fully relax, even if you are asleep. Sometimes, a change of bed completely changes this. People suddenly realise how sleep deprived they were before the change in comfort levels.

Your Partner Keeps You Awake

If your partner snores or has sleep apnoea, it’s likely you aren’t getting enough kip. If you change your bed over to an adjustable version, perhaps even one that can accommodate two single mattresses pushed together, you will solve this problem. Your partner’s snoring will diminish and your sleep will improve as a result. Also, if you push two single beds together, you and your partner can choose different adjustment settings, so while one of you is sitting up watching TV, the other one can go to sleep laid flat. It’s a win-win situation. Take a look at the Adjustable Bed Base EB01 for more information.

You Wake Up With Backache

Bad beds are a quick way to bad backs. Bad backs lead to bad sleep and the vicious cycle turns and turns until parts of your life start to suffer. Poorly designed beds and mattresses are terrible for our posture and encourage poor sleeping habits. It’s hard to fall asleep when you don’t feel comfortable and it’s harder to stay asleep when your body can’t find a good place to settle. If you’re waking up feeling sore and you can’t attribute that solely to exercise or other sources of bad posture, it may be time to consider a new bed. One that’s designed not just to sleep in, but to get great sleep in.

You Enjoy Reading in Bed

Many of us love digging into a great book whilst in bed. Or maybe you’re more of a kindle person? Hey, you could even be browsing social media, it’s all the same. At least it’s all the same when it comes to being uncomfortable. Sitting up in a typical bed is uncomfortable, anyone who’s tried it knows this. No amount of pillows or neck rests are going to help here. What you need is a bed that accommodates both a sleeping and a reading position. The Adjustable Bed Base EB01 can be raised as high as 60 degrees. So any book reading, social browsing or even TV watching can be done in pure comfort. When it’s time to go to bed, simply adjust back to the desired position and drift off to sleep.

You Enjoy Feeling Comfortable

Now this one may seem obvious, but it’s not always treated as such. We’ve talked about how badly designed beds are bad for your posture which end up becoming uncomfortable. But it shouldn’t even need to get to this point. You deserve a great bed that can be adjusted for your specific needs. The Adjustable Bed Base EB01 can even be adjusted so that whilst your partner sleeps, you can sit up watching TV or reading those books we mentioned. What’s more, it can fit within most existing bed frames, allowing you to achieve the design you want that matches your bedroom without sacrificing on comfort.

Flexispot Can Help You

In addition to our adjustable bed, we offer a range of ergonomically designed furniture that can bring a new level of comfort to your life and help improve your posture at the same time. Take your life to the next level and treat you and your body the way you deserve. Whether it’s for sleep, whether it’s for work or whether you simply want better furniture, we’re here to help.

You can take a look at our buyers guide to learn more or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.