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How an Ergonomic Workstation Can Improve Your Mental Health

13 July 2022

How the environment impacts people in their various workplaces may not have been given much attention in the past. But, today,  ergonomics is a crucial technology used in practically all companies throughout the world, with a strong focus on the general wellbeing of employees.

Nonetheless, employees typically experience physical exhaustion from time to time, and it may sometimes result in mental fatigue; this basically indicates the existence of a relationship between physical and mental health.

This connection further explains how physical and mental health issues are interwoven and may share similar causes - and perhaps solutions. For instance, ergonomics doesn't only alleviate physical fatigue and promotes comfort at work but also prevents mental health problems.

While there is no explicit mention of psychological relief in the definition of ergonomics, there is a general feeling that it positively impacts mental health.

That said, this article will discuss how investing in an ergonomic workstation can help enhance your mental well-being.

How a Standard Workstation Can Improve Your Mental Health

As inferred earlier, physical discomforts can cause mental health issues. Below are a few ways a standard workstation can impact your mental well-being.

Problem 1 - Fatigue

In simpler terms, fatigue is an overall feeling of tiredness or lack of energy, which can be either acute or chronic. In any case, it is a condition that should be taken seriously, as it can affect your mental well-being.

In your office, you put in great effort to ensure that all tasks are completed at the right time. You feel the pressure to meet every deadline, causing the need to overstretch your limits at times.

When an employee is tired, they might be unable to carry out their office tasks effectively, even though the will to work is present. Consequently, the inability to meet work targets and deadlines may cause workplace anxiety, negatively impacting the employee’s mental health.

In addition, physical fatigue can lead to mental exhaustion, which can affect one’s productivity at work. That said, physical tiredness has many causes, such as inadequate sleep, intense workout, physically demanding jobs, and so on.

However, an ergonomic workstation can make your job less physically demanding, thereby improving your attitude to work.

As we advance, you will better understand how ergonomics alleviates fatigue and, consequently, enhances your psychological well-being.

Problem 2 - Stress

Stress is the normal human reaction to emotional and physical pressure. What is your reaction to tight deadlines? The chances are that you go extra lengths to ensure you meet your target - and that's commendable. However, this exertion often leaves a stressful effect on the body and mind.

It’s not uncommon to feel tired at work every now and then, and the same holds true for stress, although that doesn't mean it is healthy. In fact, when you constantly subject your body to certain stress conditions, including poor posture and faulty work equipment, it experiences an increase in cortisol secretion.

Cortisol is a hormone the body produces in response to stress, and over-secretion of this chemical can distort normal body processes, like sleep, digestion, and so on. If the body can not break down food properly, how then will its low energy levels be replenished?

Of course, it goes without saying that poor sleep quality also has a significant effect on an individual’s mental health. It can affect your psychological wellness, memory health, and even your decision-making ability.

In essence, bad working posture and wrong office equipment can cause stress in the body, resulting in poor psychological state.

Ergonomic Items That Can Improve Your Mental Health

You should pay attention to your mental well-being and how your office practices affect it. Investing in ergonomic furniture and items can help enhance a workspace such that it is conducive for employees’ mental health. Here are a few of the office equipment you should consider adding to your workstation.

1. Height-adjustable desks

Height-adjustable or standing desks will make a fantastic addition to your workspace. Unlike the standard office tables, standing desks can be adjusted to a suitable height seamlessly. So, you can afford to stand or sit while using the furniture.

With a height-adjustable desk, you can keep your spine straight while working on your feet. Also, this ergonomic furniture will reduce fatigue and stress in the body, as you would be able to stretch the body while alternating between sitting and standing positions.

2.  Lumbar-support chairs and anti-fatigue mats

Indeed, sitting for long hours at work can be harmful to one’s physical health, but the same goes for standing. However, you can improve your comfort - while sitting - with a back-support chair. Likewise, an anti-fatigue mat provides a cushion when you are working on your feet.

With less strain on your back and legs, you won't have to deal with the fatigue that could affect your productivity. Hence, there would be less pressure on you to deliver at work.

3. Keyboard trays

Do you feel discomfort when you use your keyboard? Then, it is time to invest in a keyboard tray. This must-have office item provides a suitable position for your wrists and hands as you use the keyboard.

With increased comfort, doing your tasks and meeting targets becomes easier; this can even improve your confidence in carrying out your duties.


By investing in ergonomic equipment, you will be promoting comfort in your office. Undoubtedly, this will make your workspace a happier, healthier place.

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