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How To Find The Best Office Chair For A Tall Person

06 July 2022

Buying things as a tall person can be a struggle, whether clothes or furniture. Are you fed up with sitting at your office desk with your knees bent up or flexed out awkwardly? Does your current office seat not comfortably accommodate the full length of your thighs? Sitting awkwardly in an ill-fitting office chair for around eight hours each day can lead to a whole range of musculoskeletal and circulatory problems and also affect your productivity and motivation.

Luckily, there are plenty of ergonomic office chairs available that have been specifically designed with tall people in mind. Here, we will highlight some of the features that you should be looking for as you hunt for an office chair tailored to your height.

What Features Should An Office Chair For A Tall Person Have?

Some key features shouldn’t be overlooked when finding an office chair that is suitable for your height, these include:

Seat Height

Tall people commonly have an issue with the seat height of standard office chairs. With inadequate height adjustment options, tall people are often left extending out their legs in an attempt to get comfortable at their desk. This deviates from a good postural position, which requires both feet to be placed flat against the floor, with the thighs parallel to the floor. Poor posture can place unnecessary strain on the back, neck and shoulders, leading to chronic muscle pain and the risk of injury.

To find the correct height for your frame, you should measure from your knees to the floor when in a seated position. A good quality office chair will have a reasonable height adjustment range to ensure the best fit. With a height adjustment range between 47 and 56cm, Flexispot’s BackSupport Office Chair BS10 is an ideal choice for tall persons.

Seat Depth

You might never have considered the depth of your office seat before, but as a tall person, you should! Your bone structure likely correlates with your height, leaving you with slightly longer than average femur bones. This can leave you struggling to find a seat that is deep enough to provide you with the support that you need.

Make sure you check out the seat depth specifications as you search for a new office chair. This is a measurement of the seat from the very back, to the very front. Some chairs even allow adjustment of the seat depth, helping you find an ideal position for your body.


Ideally, you will want to find an office chair that offers plenty of adjustability options, allowing you to tailor its position to support your unique body structure. Many good quality seats boast plenty of adjustability options, including seat height, backrest height, backrest tilt resistance, headrest and height-adjustable armrests.

Backrest Height

Taller people benefit from choosing an office chair with a taller backrest that is going to effectively support their spine in its natural ‘S’ shape position. This will help to reduce any unnecessary strain on your back, hips and pelvis. An adjustable backrest would be even better as this allows you to easily find the perfect position for you.


When you’ve found an office chair with the correct dimensions, the next thing to consider is its durability. If you are investing in a brand-new office chair, you will want it to last you for years to come. A chair’s durability is largely determined by the material that it is made from. Good quality office chairs made from highly durable fabric are often pricey and may be out of your budget. Luckily, Flexispot has a fantastic range of ergonomically designed and highly durable office chairs that are also budget-friendly.

Sitting or Standing?

Many tall workers are taking advantage of the popularity of standing desks and realising their vast benefits. Standing desks typically have a wide adjustable height range, allowing you to find a suitable and comfortable working height. A standing desk allows you to transition seamlessly between a seated and standing position throughout the day. This helps to minimise the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. If you do choose to make the switch to a standing desk, you may also wish to purchase a suitable standing chair, allowing you to perch or lean when your table is in a standing position. Active seating, such as a wobble stool, helps to support your body whilst allowing you to remain active and mobile. Flexispot’s Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4 is an ideal choice. It is ergonomically designed and made from a flexible and breathable material. You can quickly and easily adjust its height between 61 and 82cm. This wobble stool would partner nicely with one of Flexispot’s stylish and practical height-adjustable desks.

Flexispot Are Here To Help

Flexispot is committed to helping everyone find their ideal office furniture, whatever their height. With our extensive range of high-quality office desks and chairs, you are bound to find the perfect one to suit your body. Check out our website and enjoy exploring exactly what we have to offer.