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How Can Electric Beds Help You Work Better From Home?

04 July 2022

Electric Beds Are Your Secret Home Working Weapon

For those of us that work from home, we know there are plenty of high-tech gadgets available on the market to help boost productivity and perfect your home office setup. But one thing many of us may have overlooked? An electric bed!

I know, it may sound decadent. But it’s been well researched and widely documented that good sleep hygiene and a healthy sleeping environment is often a key component in boosting physical and mental wellness, improving energy levels and cognitive function, and even reducing the impact of chronic diseases. The bed you sleep in plays a huge part in the quality of your sleep – and a bed that can not only provide excellent ergonomic support but adjust to your needs through the night like an electric bed can sounds like the ultimate choice.

So, how can an electric bed improve your sleep quality and lead to a better day’s work from the home office? Let’s take a look...

Banish Snoring and Sleep Apnoea For Good

One of the biggest disruptions to a good night’s sleep is snoring or sleep apnea. Many people deal with snoring on from time to time, but it can become a chronic problem that disrupts our sleep, and often our partner’s as well. Disrupted sleep due to chronic snoring often leads to lower mood during the day, difficulty concentrating, greater levels of irritability or aggression and even higher blood pressure. It’s clear that many of these side effects of snoring can lead to a less productive workday, and unsatisfactory leisure time after a long day while you’re craving sleep.

Sleep apnoea, a condition that shares many of the same identifying factors as chronic snoring, can often be dismissed as mere annoyance, but aside from disrupting your sleep it can also be a serious health concern. Alongside loud and chronic snoring, sufferers of sleep apnoea will experience their breathing stopping and starting during sleep, alongside episodes of gasping or choking. Of course, periods of suffocation or choking in your sleep can be incredibly dangerous, and guidance should be sought from a qualified medical practitioner if you experience any of these symptoms. Sleep apnoea can also lead to an increase of depression or depressive symptoms, difficulty concentrating, and issues with memory and recall. Evidently, both chronic snoring and sleep apnoea can be a great strain on our health and wellness – including our focus, cognition, and ability to be productive during the working day.

However, findings from The Sleep Foundation note that adjusting your sleeping position and, specifically, raising the head of your bed can help greatly improve snoring and the symptoms of sleep apnoea. Sleeping on your back is the easiest way for your airway to become blocked but adopting a different sleeping position – such as lying on your side or with your head raised with the help of an electric bed – can greatly improve this. An electric bed is also optimum for supporting and maintaining alternative body positions throughout the night. The Sleep Foundation recommends raising “the whole mattress and not just use more pillows” - truly highlighting the benefits of electric beds.

Less Back Pain Means More Productivity

Alongside snoring and sleep conditions, back pain can be incredibly debilitating in terms of our mental and physical wellbeing, our workday success, and our sleep quality.

Fortunately, electric beds are one of the best ways alleviate back pain for good, which can vastly improve your quality of life, and your professional productivity. An adjustable electric bed base allows you to raise both the head and foot of your bed individually, finding the perfect angle at both points to support your individual sleeping position needs. In doing so, you’re able to be supported in your optimum sleeping position, taking pressure off any trapped nerves or aching joints causing pain.

So, what are the best electric bed positions for your back pain? If you suffer from lower back pain, elevating the head of the bed to up to 45 degrees can help relieve compression and reduce aches. However, if upper back or neck pain is what troubles you, elevating the head only slightly can reduce a surprisingly large amount of pressure, and greatly reduce your symptoms.

Reduce Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Another condition that can greatly damage our daily positivity and productivity is one less frequently spoken about: acid reflux and heartburn. Acid reflux and heartburn create a burning pain in our stomach, chest, or back of the throat as stomach acid rises back up into the esophagus during the night due to our sleeping positon. This can cause a wealth of health issues if left long term, aside from being bothersome and at times incredibly painful in the shorter term. However, elevating your upper body when sleeping can help lessen the stomach acid that reaches the esophagus, reducing your symptoms and improving your sleep quality, and your mindset in the day ahead.

Whilst many heartburn sufferers may be used to stacking themselves up on pillows for the night to help raise their sleeping position, this solution is also prone to wake us through the night as pillows shift and move during the night. An electric bed provides reliable, consistent support throughout the night – making improving your sleep and productivity easier than ever.