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How Aloe Vera Can Improve Your Productivity

02 June 2022


Have you ever tried aloe vera?

This popular plant is excellent for our bodies and minds. Whether you want to improve your health or give your work life a boost, this plant might be the answer to your problems.

Here at Flexispot, we’re always searching for the next productivity boosting solutions. We’re passionate about all things wellness and health, and we strive to share our findings and ergonomic products with our audience to create a community of like minded readers.

Want to know how aloe vera can help you? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a plant that belongs to the succulent species. There are 500 different types of aloe, and some even consider it an invasive species. Don’t let that put you off, though! This plant has excellent health benefits for humans.

Many versions of aloe vera grow naturally in North Africa. This popular plant thrives best in a tropical, arid, or semi-tropical climate. If there’s warmth, aloe will thrive!

This plant has been used for years as a healing ingredient, so there’s no wonder many cultures swear by it for wellness products. A “gel-like” substance is found within the aloe leaves. This material is used for a range of food products, cosmetics, and supplements.  

How Can Aloe Vera Improve Your Productivity?

Aloe vera has a cult of users and many healing properties, but how can it boost productivity at work?

Well, when you’re feeling your best, your work output improves! If you’ve noticed your health isn’t 100%, you might want to add some aloe vera into your daily routines. This plant will boost your health, and you’ll see positive impacts at work.

Here are the key benefits of the popular plant.

Antibacterial & Antioxidant Properties

It’s no secret that antibacterial and antioxidants are great for us. The gel inside the aloe vera leaf includes high amounts of antioxidants (called polyphenols). These compounds can stop nasty bacteria growth or infections. If you apply the gel topically, you’ll see wounds and inflammation heal quickly!

These properties also make aloe vera a great solution for sunburns. If you need to ease any redness after a long day in the sun, just apply soothing aloe vera.

Improves Digestion

Bad digestion can leave you feeling uncomfortable in the office. You can try many methods to ease digestive issues, and aloe vera is one of them - especially if you’re suffering from constipation.

Usually, the gel is the healing part of the aloe vera plant, but the “latex” is needed for stomach issues. “Latex” is the sticky residue found under the plant’s skin. This can give laxative effects when consumed, relieving the patient of any symptoms.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar can have many unwanted side effects. While a healthy diet and exercise routine can combat this condition, aloe vera can also help.

Aloe vera has been used to remedy insulin sensitivity, blood sugar management, and diabetes. Of course, aloe vera was used with prescribed medicines and life changes, but it is a great way to complement your health.


Many of us work best when we feel great! This is why it’s essential to take care of your appearance before and after work.

Some studies show that aloe vera can increase collagen production and improve the look and feel of skin as you age. If you want to reduce acne and dryness while improving your skin’s elasticity, look for aloe vera when you next buy skincare products.

Bring Plants To The Office

While we’ve focused on the benefits of applying and consuming aloe vera, there are also perks to decorating your office with plants! This is a great excuse to get creative and add some greenery to your desk.

Stress Reduction

Did you know plants reduce stress? When you place plants in your office, they have a relaxing effect. Research in colour psychology has shown that the colour green has a calming effect, leaving us subconsciously affected by plants in the office.

Cleaner Air

Plants also leave the air cleaner. As they take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, your office will be left with more oxygen. This boots productivity and health, plus it leaves you feeling more alert when working for long periods.

Improved Emotions

Finally, some studies have suggested that plants in the office leave teams feeling happier too. Positive morale is essential for work output, so make sure your team bonds and works efficiently with the help of a few office plants.

Add Some Aloe To Your Life!

Whether you’re interested in aloe vera’s health benefits, or perhaps you want to improve the workflow in your office, you should consider buying one of these miracle plants. Make sure your professional life is optimised with the help of aloe vera!

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