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Here's What No One Tells You About When Is a Standing Desk Converter the Better Option?

05 July 2022

You may already know that standing while you work many health benefits. You can't stand all day; that's a given. Because of this, you have to switch between standing and sitting when you use a standing desk.

With this, you think about the pros and cons of building a makeshift work platform and its safety. This means finding the right things to put on your desk so you can work comfortably while standing.

If you can't replace your sitting desk with a standing unit with adjustable height, a standing desk conversion may be your best option.

How? Buy a desk that lets you stand up.

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter also called a riser, turns your current desk from one where you sit to one where you stand. A replacement is not needed. It's easy to set up and doesn't take long. Use it immediately, and don't be afraid to switch between sitting and standing while you work.

With a standing desk conversion, you don't have to take apart your old desk or move it out of the way to make room for a new one. Also, you don't have to read long, complicated instructions or spend hours figuring out how to put all the parts together.

If you buy the best standing desk converter, you'll have a piece of equipment for your needs. To change it, just hold down the levers on both sides simultaneously. When the right amount of pressure is applied, the gas springs will start working immediately. You can stand up while working at your ergonomically designed sitting-to-standing desk converter in seconds.

Why Should You Get a Standing Desk Converter?

Even though a custom-made standing desk will make it easier to work in a healthy way in the future, an adjustable standing desk converter will do. This kind of equipment is great if you need to change your office quickly or don't want to wait for installers to build a new unit and get in the way of your work.

Price is one reason why some people choose standing desk converters over desks that are already built. Instead of buying a new standing desk, you can buy a converter, which isn't too expensive. So, try getting one if you need to save money or are looking for ways to lower your company's logistics costs.

A riser can be used in more ways. So it doesn't matter what kind of desk you have. You can put it right on top of any surface to get the benefits of working while standing up.

Benefits of a standing desk converter

The health benefits of a sitting-to-standing desk converter are the same as those of a traditional desk. This is because a sitting-to-standing desk converter is an attachment that turns a regular desk into a standing desk.

When put on any surface, it reminds people right away to stand up or move from sitting to standing easily. Additionally, the health advantages are the same because you will be standing similarly to when you use a conventional standing desk.

Research shows that you burn more calories when you stand than when you sit. Even though this is helpful, it is not enough to lose weight. It also doesn't speed up your metabolism, so you burn calories more quickly than usual. It does improve your health in the following ways, though:

· Weight Loss and Standing Desk Converters - Although standing while working does not burn 5 pounds each week, it does help to keep obesity away. Consequently, you can conclude that it successfully prevents weight gain (if a person does not mean more than normal). According to one study, kids using standing-biased classroom desks can reduce their BMI by up to 3% yearly.

· Diabetes and Standing Desk Converters - Type 2 diabetes is one of the most lethal consequences of sedentary lifestyles. At work, switching back and forth between standing and sitting helps to positively reverse the effects. By doing so, you avoid contracting this chronic, incurable disease, which was responsible for about 1.6 million fatalities in 2015.

· Standing Desk Converters and Back Discomfort - You will no longer have to suffer from chronic neck and back pain. So, a weekly or maybe monthly massage may be necessary for most office employees. Why? Because they stay locked in their seats for hours, their muscles in these areas get strained, causing discomfort. As is often the case, people will only realise they haven't moved in hours when they shift their posture. When this happens, people immediately feel electrical shock-like discomfort in specific portions of their bodies.

· Standing Desks and Sleep- Standing ensures that you remain awake at all times. Apart from being able to resist the sandman's charm, standing while working makes you more productive. As a result, you can accomplish considerably more—and with greater excitement and focus.

Is A Sit Stand Desk Worth It?

These converters are shown alongside their excellent assortment of standing workstations. You can choose between a riser and a standing desk based on your needs. Either way, you gain a plethora of benefits. These ergonomically built desk converters from Flexispot not only expose you to the benefits of working healthily. However, they also offer excellent value for money.