Five Tips How to Enjoy Watching the Premier League Games at Home

December 31, 2020

Football Pictch
Anna Bee

After a three-month hiatus due to the pandemic, the Premier League teams are officially back in action.


 The matches remained intense even as the Premier League released a statement that there were seven new positive tests from among their players and club staff


It’s business as usual for the teams. In recent games, Arsenal had a 3-1 win over Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium. Meanwhile, Manchester United lost against Leicester at the King Power Stadium. Both games happened on Saturday, December 26.


The football team’s victories are set against a backdrop of reports about the emergence of a new Coronavirus strain.


On matchdays, fans are barred from the stadium. Reuters reported that only 300 people -- broadcast staff, written media, commentators, doping officials, and scouts -- are allowed.


In times like these, it’s best to stay at home rather than watch the games in sports pubs which are regulated by the UK government to contain the spread of the virus.


You can be creative and recreate a pub-like experience in your home with a few tweaks. Here’s how you can watch your favorite team while staying safe and healthy:


  1. Sign up for a live stream subscription -- Talk to your preferred subscriber and register for an account so you can live stream the games. With a subscription in place, you can watch from your TV or your phone -- whatever works for you. Here Techradar provides a list of live stream subscriptions that you can enjoy.
  2. Set up your watching station -- Bring out your TV and monitor to let the good times roll! Get a bigger screen if you can, so you won’t miss any action. In the game of football, every second counts! Don’t forget your speakers, too.
  3. Buy a standing desk for active watching-- Another option for your watching station is to buy a sit-stand desk so you can transition to standing and sitting on matchdays. A sit-stand is also a piece of great furniture to make your home office healthier.
  4. Prepare a Zoom party with your pals -- Set up your video call app so you and your football stadium buddies can watch the games together. For extra support, tell your friends to wear football or team shirts!
  5. Throw a party -- If the weather permits, you can watch your favorite team play in your garden while eating barbecue or a triple patty burger! Having a football party in your garden is a fun way to bond with your loved ones and still be able to keep an eye out for your team.


Stay safe


You can show support to your Premier League team in different ways. For now, it’s best to stay safe and healthy, even if that means watching the games from your home. As Premier League said on their website, “we are all one team” and that means looking after each other during this pandemic. 

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