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Celebrating FlexiSpot Brand Day

11 May 2022

It’s that time of year again! May 25th is annual Global Brand Day and FlexiSpot is ready to celebrate. FlexiSpot is dedicated to redefining comfort and wellness through its carefully designed equipment, and this dedication lies at the centre of the FlexiSpot philosophy. That’s why FlexiSpot not only brings its customers a healthier and happier tomorrow - but also engages in social responsibility and sustainability. In the spirit of May 25th, FlexiSpot is taking a look back at its growth as a wellness brand, and all the ways it works to contribute to social empowerment. And to add to the occasion, FlexiSpot is also offering exclusive discounts, so you too can benefit from improved health and wellness!

The FlexiSpot philosophy

FlexiSpot was founded with the belief that health and wellness are rights that everybody should have access to. FlexiSpot office furniture is designed specifically to accomodate the needs of workers and ensure that they are comfortable and healthy as they go through the working day. At the core of this philosophy is an emphasis on work life balance, and making sure that the office environment is one of productivity and wellness. To achieve this, FlexiSpot’s designers combine innovative technology and the forefront of design to create ergonomic solutions that truly bring the office to life. With FlexiSpot’s ergonomic office fittings, workers experience an environment that is designed to stimulate creativity and boost productivity. Whether it be at home or in the office, improving health, wellness and performance lies at the heart of the FlexiSpot brand.

Throughout its lifetime, FlexiSpot has helped over 10 million people avoid the health problems associated with the traditional office environment - including debilitating back pain and cardiovascular issues resulting from poor circulation. Over the past 20 years, FlexiSpot drew from the expertise of over 600 research and design team members to bring improved wellness to over 1000 active patients. These ergonomic products include desks, laptop stands, and even fitness desks - all designed to reinvent the office environment and aid productivity and mental and physical fitness.

FlexiSpot never compromises on quality, and has a rigorous commitment to testing all of its products to ensure maximum effectiveness. FlexiSpot products are subjected to a broad variety of tests - including fatigue tests, pressure tests, vibration tests, and temperature tests to ensure that all ergonomic products satisfy the most stringent standards of quality.  

Giving back to the community

FlexiSpot’s dedication to wellness goes beyond the office. As a brand, FlexiSpot is dedicated to aiding health and wellness in all areas of society. That’s why, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic - FlexiSpot took action. In order to aid in keeping the spread of the virus at bay, FlexiSpot made a large donation of face masks to the city of Salford. Actions like this are a testament to the FlexiSpot philosophy of wellness and safety.

FlexiSpot has partnered itself with the UK’s biggest charity shopping site to make sure that customers can also play their part in giving back to the community. Supporting charity fundraising couldn’t be any easier with FlexiSpot’s donation plan. In order to make use of this innovative shopping platform, customers simply choose a good cause that they would like to support and sign up to the FlexiSpot UK’s cashback program. All you have to do is visit the FlexiSpot UK website and shop as you normally would and then bam! Just like that, your cause of choice receives donations. Over £30million has already been raised for good causes in the UK by easyfundraising shoppers, and your next purchase with FlexiSpot can take this support to the next level.

Being so mindful of health and welfare, FlexiSpot understands that the pandemic has been tough on everyone - particularly essential workers. That’s why FlexiSpot offers an exclusive discount to these strong individuals who put themselves on the frontline to ensure society was able to keep functioning even during the height of the crisis. FlexiSpot’s exclusive key worker discount offered 15% off of all purchases to essential workers - all to make sure that the most crucial workers had the health and comfort they needed to continue helping others. In particular, FlexiSpot offered this discount to those employed by the NHS, as the stress and pressure of working in healthcare during a global health crisis was truly deserving of benefits.

Share in the FlexiSpot philosophy

This Global Brand Day, FlexiSpot invites you to share in its philosophy of health and wellness. With a range of expertly designed and lovingly crafted ergonomic furniture, FlexiSpot will bring comfort and ease to your working environment. Simply choose your next FlexiSpot furniture, and experience the boost to wellness and productivity millions of happy customers are already enjoying. Don’t put your health on the sideline - invest in your workplace wellbeing this May 25th, and share in the FlexiSpot philosophy.