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Are You Wearing The Correct Cycle Desk Bike Shoes?

18 May 2022


Comfort is vital in every scenario, but especially when working out!

There are many ways to stay fit and productive simultaneously, but one of our favourites is the cycle desk bike. This innovative product allows you to get some exercise while working, but how do you ensure your feet are comfortable?

We’ve got the top tips to make sure you’re comfortable, so keep reading to find out which shoes work best for a cycle desk bike. Also, keep reading to read the top benefits of working out while working and why you should add a cycle desk bike to your life.

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What Is A Cycle Desk Bike?

Wondering what we’re talking about? We'll quickly explain a cycle desk bike before we jump into the essential shoes you should wear and the perks of working out.

This exercise bike is designed to allow you to work out while you complete desktop work. Instead of sitting at a desk, you can get active while writing emails. Thanks to the ergonomic design of this chair, anyone can adjust the settings to their specific needs. No matter your height or size, the cycle desk bike is here to improve your daily fitness.

It’s well known that staying still for hours isn’t great for your health. If you’ve noticed that your work-from-home routine leaves you feeling inactive, consider adding some movement into your 9-5 grind.

Top Shoes To Stay Comfortable

Once you’ve made the leap and embraced a cycle desk bike, it’s time to get active! Make sure you’ve got the right shoes first. It’s easy to start cycling in the wrong shoes, but this can leave you with blisters and sore feet. Avoid injury with these helpful shoes.

Cycling Shoes

Did you know you can buy optimised sneakers for indoor cycling machines? If you want to invest in a pair of workout shoes specifically designed for a desk bike, consider some indoor cycling trainers. These come in fun designs, and they’re designed to keep your feet comfortable while working out.

General Trainers

If you want to be able to use your new trainers for a variety of sports, don’t buy “cycling shoes”. Instead, pick a new pair of trainers with well-designed soles and high-quality materials. We suggest splurging on trainers if you can. Spending more will ensure your feet are protected, plus the excellent materials will last longer than cheaper alternatives - earning your money back over time.

Add Insoles

Investing in sports-performance insoles will also improve your cycle desk bike experience. Whether your shoes are too big, or perhaps they need extra comfort, an insole can solve a variety of footwear problems. Make sure you buy from a shoe retailer for the best quality insole.

Keep Feet Protected

It’s also important to wear shoes that keep your feet protected. Though there are some sports-optimised sandals, you want your feet covered when using a cycle desk bike. This will protect your feet from any falling objects or other accidents.

Wear Workout Socks

Finally, add some workout socks to your shoes to experience the ultimate comfort when working out. Any socks work when working out, but sports socks are more durable and add extra cushioning for your heels. These prevent blisters and make the experience softer on your feet.

Benefits Of Working Out While Working

Wondering why you should combine work and working out? Here are the top benefits of a desk bike!

It Saves Time

If there’s one thing we all want more of, it’s time. Working out while completing office tasks is a great way to save time, so you can spend your evenings and weekends doing the tasks you love most. Don’t allow your work or exercise sessions to eat into your free time; complete them at the same time!

You Can Get Moving Throughout The Day

Keeping active throughout the day is excellent for your health. Staying sedentary for long periods will have negative health impacts, especially if this continues for years. Adding cycling into your daily routine will improve your physical health.

Stress Reduction

Working out isn’t just good for your physical health; it improves your mental well-being too! If you choose to add cycling into your workdays, you’ll notice significant improvements in your stress levels, and you’ll likely feel calmer too.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a fitness fan or not, a cycle desk bike can improve your professional life and health. But, make sure you’ve got the right shoes for the occasion! Comfort is critical in all areas. The Flexispot team is passionate about health and productivity, so let us know your thoughts on this exciting product today.

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