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A guide to refreshing your office space and beating the rut

08 June 2022

We’ve all been there - staring blankly at an office space with a feeling of complete and utter tedium as you urge that clock on the wall to tick that little bit quicker.

You are, as they say, stuck in a rut.

The dreaded rut can rear its head in many ways but it often requires a dramatic change to break the cycle. Completely altering our life isn’t always an option and sometimes it is something as simple as refreshing your office space that can make all of the difference.

Here’s a quick guide to refreshing your office space and clambering out of that dreaded rut.

Clean & Tidy

When things aren’t going so well, it can be easy to allow your office space to become a messy pit of horror. Papers that once would have been filed away now lie stacked haphazardly on the edge of the desk, while you do your very best to accumulate a Guinness World Record number of empty coffee cups with their bygone liquid contents now hardening like rock.

Before you do anything to refresh your office space it’s important to start afresh and this means a thorough cleaning and tidying. It can be easy to forget, but the benefits to the mental health of simply having a clean office space are considerable and include increased concentration and productivity, better moods, and reduced stress levels.


One of the biggest problems about an office space where you spend multiple hours every day is that it can become exceedingly boring. That poster that you once found inspirational is now simply annoying and the dull mauve on the walls has become the epitome of boredom.

How far you choose to take your redecorating will depend on several factors, namely whether you’re at home or in an office and the levels of freedom. You might feel certain that you require large-scale changes, but that might not be the case. A few important touches here and there might be all you need to feel significantly better.

Whatever you do, it’s important that you feel inspired by the changes. Maybe this will include a new lick of paint or simply a few pictures on the walls.

Go Natural

If you’re not already a plant convert, maybe now is the time. There are countless benefits to having natural elements around you, whether it's in the office or any other room. They help to lower stress levels, clean the air and improve productivity, among many other factors.

And our connection to nature and living things goes much further than simply thinking they look pleasant. According to the biophilia hypothesis, humans have an innate desire to be close to living things that is printed on our very DNA. We are naturally drawn toward plants, trees, and animals in a mysterious way that we don’t quite understand but feel strongly deep down within us.

It can be tempting to overdo it with the plants but it’s important to bear in mind that you still have to work at your desk so it probably shouldn’t entirely resemble a slice of the Amazon rainforest. Simply one plant will provide a noticeable change if placed within constant sight. Just remember to water it.

Work Differently

Sometimes the simple aesthetics are not enough and you need to make a dramatic change. This could be the perfect opportunity to try a completely new work method and there are plenty of options out there.

If you’ve been sitting at an office desk for years, why not change it up with a standing desk. Flexispot offers numerous height-adjustable desks that can go from a traditional desk to a standing version in no time at all.

Not only do they provide you with a completely new way of working that will certainly shake you out of any existing rut, but they also come with a catalogue of health benefits, including reduced back pain, the burning of calories, and lowers the risk of obesity, heart disease, and blood sugar levels.

Since height-adjustable desks also work excellently at traditional heights, another option to shake things up would be some form of active seating. Wobbly stools might take a little getting used to, but many now swear by them. Not only do they improve posture and burn calories, but their constant slight movement will also leave you feeling more energised than sitting in a traditional office chair.       


When you feel yourself sliding dangerously into that all too comfortable rut, it’s important to haul yourself out as quickly as possible, because the further you go down, the higher it is to climb out.

In reality, numerous other factors probably need to be addressed if you start feeling this way, including diet, exercise, hobbies, and even a job change, but one of the first to start with should be refreshing your office space.

Whether we believe it or not, humans have always graved change. We want to improve, to be better than we were yesterday, but sometimes we find ourselves stuck. It happens to us all so it shouldn't be something to worry about, but like so many things in life, it’s how you respond that matters.