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A Comprehensive Guide To Bed Sizes

21 July 2022

Choosing a bed size is often one of the first things you might do when moving into a new place. Not only is it one of the first decisions, but it is also one of the most important ones you’ll face.

Getting it right can result in a long, comfortable and uninterrupted night of sleep for years on end - getting it wrong can result in a hard, short and restless night’s sleep. And that’s without considering the financial aspect of needing to replace it!

Here is all you need to know about choosing a bed size, what size would suit you best, and which sizes to avoid when buying a new bed.

Standard Single Bed

Single beds have a dimension of 90 x 190cm. This size is appropriate for most children throughout childhood, and is the perfect upgrade for a child who has started to outgrow their crib.

A standard single bed provides adequate space for a single occupant up and through adolescence, although some particularly tall teenagers might require an upgrade by that point.

Singles are often used for bunk beds, guest bedrooms and day beds. Due to their compact nature, they can easily fit into bedrooms and be stacked alongside each other for children who share a room.

Singles might seem a little bit restrictive, even for little ones, but they are far and away the most compact and space-conscious option. If you’re a student living in tight accommodation spaces, you might even consider using them due to how much space you can save.

Furthermore, due to their size, the bed frames associated with these mattresses are lightweight and easy to construct, as well as being highly portable for those planning on living a more nomadic lifestyle.

Standard Double Bed

A standard double bed has a dimension of 135 x 190cm. It is an excellent compromise between the small double and going all out for a king-size - the standard in the name isn’t there for no reason!

The extra width and length of the standard double allow for greater sleeping comfort for yourself and your partner. The small double isn’t a bad option, but is more of a glorified single bed that might lead to a few uncomfortable nights if you’re taller than average.

The standard double is therefore the best option for single sleepers who want the luxury of some extra space. The size allows for greater movement, with the added benefit of a partner joining occasionally. Hence it is well suited as an entry-level bed for particularly active sleepers.

The double is well suited for tighter rooms and for those willing to make space-saving adjustments elsewhere. It is incredibly versatile and retains a lot of the flexibility, lightweight nature and compactness that the King and Super King do not possess.

King Size

King Size beds have a dimension of 150 x 200cm. The King, or the Queen in the US, is the most popular mattress in both the UK and the US. It provides ample room for single active sleepers, those with children or pets sharing their bed, and couples.

The extra length and width of the King Size bed provides significant support and comfortability to taller individuals and couples who are starting to feel cramped in a standard double.

The added space compared to the standard is the most noticeable feature and feels like a touch of genuine luxury, rather than simply having just enough room for a good night’s sleep.

Due to the popularity of the bed, it is straightforward to find various options for bedding and other bed accessories. King-size beds are also competitively priced as many companies stock them, so there is always a bargain out there to nab.

However, the King Size is not appropriate for those who do not have space as a luxury. If space is not an issue, then the king is an ideal bed for most people. It is not a bed you will find yourself outgrowing in a hurry and is more of a long-term investment than some previous bed sizes.

Super King

Super King beds have a dimension of 180 x 200cm. For those who want to live life with a focus on luxury and have ample space in their bedrooms, a Super King is the way to go. It is the widest bed available and provides the most luxurious sleeping space anyone could ever need.

Super King beds might best be understood as problem-solving beds for individuals or couples with particularly incompatible sleeping patterns. For example, a couple of two active sleepers will finally find themselves comfortable and not competing with each other as the bed provides enough space to spread out.

Alternatively, for light sleepers with an active sleeper as their partner, the Super King is big enough for one partner's nighttime antics not to bother or disturb the other.

Final Thoughts

Check out the different bed sizes available and pick the one best suited to your needs. Best of luck with your purchase!