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8 Ways for Instagram Influencers to Make Their Desks More Instagrammable

02 December 2021

First of all, there's no such thing as an overnight success. Success will only come if you're dedicated and committed to your craft. That's a basic fact of life, and social media influencers are no exemption.

What does it take to be a successful influencer?

Many people are under the false assumption that all you have to do is post some selfies on Instagram with a cute filter, and you're good to go. The truth is, the only way to become successful at this game is by being talented. You can't just put any old picture, and you can’t have just any old backdrop.

Every influencer wants to set up a captivating space where they can take pictures and post them on their account or go live with their followers. This is because these pictures will be visible to everyone and not only what you show online is important but also how it appears across your social media platforms.

However, it's not always easy to create this look. You want to make your workstation a Shangri-La – A little slice of paradise.

Think of energizing colours, cute stationery, and functional ergonomic office furniture choices for your indoor workspace. In fact, before even thinking about buying expensive furniture or decoration items, it's essential to define what your style is going to be.

Remember, brands are looking to partner with the most creative influencers, so you have to stand out. If you have a beautiful place to work, you begin to sell yourself without needing to say or do much else. Who wouldn’t want their products endorsed in a workspace that is Instagramable from every angle?

If you’re just starting out on your social media journey or looking to spruce up your space; then, this is the article for you. We guarantee you that our advice is the most practical way to turn this into a reality.

Use a White Standing Desk

Use a White Standing Desk

Do you want to work in a dull and lifeless office space? No! You don't. Your followers are also not interested in seeing your work from drabby locations. Our first tip is having a white standing desk, which you can complement with matching furniture and office accessories for a fun and inspired setup.

White and other light colours reflect light from above. These colours irradiate your entire workspace with an opulent and uplifting glow. Aside from boosting your work drive, it also makes your workspace more photographable.

Office desks come in so many shapes, sizes, and configurations that it makes it hard to settle on one. But a White standing office desk with a glass top is the perfect choice for Instagrammers. This desk is aesthetically pleasing and gives off an air of sophistication.

Looks aside, the desk choice is also great for health and productivity. The desk encourages you to work while seated or standing, with the ability to switch between the two seamlessly. This alleviates the problems associated with prolonged sitting or standing.

Keep it simple, avoid too much clutter and draw inspiration from your craft when accessorizing the desk for the most Instagrammable shots.

An Ergonomic Office Chair to Compliment Your Standing Desk

The first thing you’ll need to get is a comfortable ergonomic office chair to compliment your standing desk. 

Standing for extended periods can be hard on your ankles and lower extremities, so consider adding a Adjustable Wobble Stool to the mix- this accords you some rest during your intermittent standing.

Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately

This seems like a no-brainer, but always dress to impress. Whether you're doing a live stream, making a personal post, or working your magic as a brand ambassador – It pays to be visible and presentable.

Here are a few tips to looking good on social media posts:

Wear fitting garments
Go for subtle makeup and jewelry choices
Avoid busy patterns and colours that clash with an overall design motif
Eliminate anything that creates clutter in your background

Develop a Consistent Color Motif

Develop a Consistent Color Motif

A consistent colour motif is not about matching all the colours in your Instagram feed. That would be impossible, so it's more about giving your audience something to expect with each new post. This can be tough in a real-world setting.

But, you can control all the variables within your workstation. Start by asking yourself questions like:

What does my brand represent?
Who is your target audience?
What values do I want to communicate with each post?
How does this all line up with the companies that depend on my social media influence?

This is a perfect starting point.

Colours are used for their psychological effects as well as their natural qualities. Colour conveys ideas and emotions that can influence how customers feel when looking at your products or workspace. Also, keep in mind that design trends come and go, so what may be popular one year could seem outdated the next.

Therefore, you want your colour scheme to be consistent and timeless. If you run a healthy living page, it makes sense to incorporate green in your space or pastel colours for an organized living influencer’s space. Pick colours that will come along easy in your line of profession.

Keep Your Workspace Bright and Cam-Ready

Keep Your Workspace Bright and Cam-Ready

Lighting makes colours appear different, depending on whether it is daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, or mixed lighting. Incandescent lights will make colours appear "warmer" with more yellow/red undertones, while fluorescent lights will make colours appear "cooler" with more blue undertones.

Here are a few tips to ensure your workspace is bright and cam-ready:

Don’t Light From the Back

Smartphone cameras adjust their colour saturation to match the brightest light source. And, if your lighting setup is behind your subject or you, it means all your shots are out of focus. Your laptop or desktop monitor also emits light which can ruin your shots, so dry run your shooting area using your phone camera before going into the actual shoot to mitigate your weak spots.

Insist On a 3-Point Lighting Setup

A three-point lighting setup is simple. All you need is to place one light squarely on the subject; then, you can add a light to the left and right. Aside from fully illuminating your subject, such a setup also cancels out shadows that can blemish an otherwise perfect Instagram post.

Test Out Your Lights before Taking a Shot

Whip out your phone and adjust your lights by seeing how it plays out on Instagram and other social media apps. Maintain the location setting once you're satisfied with what you see through your phone. This measure could also save you loads of time when you feel inspired to make another life-changing post.

Decorate Your Desk Accordingly

Decorate Your Desk Accordingly

Influencers are not only supposed to be social. The world also expects them to be productive enough to move the masses through boundless creativity. The general design and decorations that embellish your office affect not just how you feel but what your audience thinks of you.

So far, we've seen the effect of lighting and design motifs. So the question is, what else can we do to enhance the energy a workstation exudes?

You could start by personalizing your workspace with a potted plant (preferably a cactus). Then you can add a framed picture, a Funko Pop, action figures, or carvings that can also offer a mild dissection when your thoughts race.

Execute as much creative freedom as you wish. The only thing you should avoid is cluttering your desktop with decorative elements, as it can make you less productive.

Eliminate All Instances of Clutter

Eliminate All Instances of Clutter

Being a successful influencer and a productive worker is tough. It's an endeavour that requires a calculated balance between work and play. But, this may not be possible with mounds of paperwork or items you need to endorse littering your workspace.

A Three-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet gives you all the space you need to stow your paperwork and other work-essential tools. It even features casters that allow you to roll it out of sight when making a new post. The top also doubles up as an ideal storage space for the products you need to endorse as they can be in full view of your camera when you make a video or live stream.

However, there are those bits of paperwork and personal effects you need to keep close. An Under Desk Drawer S01 offers you the perfect spot for stashing items like keys, pens, and memo pads. With such office storage utilities, you're bound to eliminate all instances of desktop clutter in your workstation.

Keep It Simple, Don’t Go Overboard

Keep It Simple, Don’t Go Overboard

Taking cool pictures and videos may be the most fun part of influencing. But, it's tough, especially if you don't have the time to plan things accordingly. We've all seen those YouTube videos and social media pictures where everything looks out of place.

It's a small wonder how such creators can maintain their momentum. At times, you even wonder what brands they are supposed to be endorsing. This breeds loads of confusion in the audience and can result in lower rates of engagement and conversion.

You can eliminate such confusion by:

Planning all your posts ahead of time and scheduling them using Instagram’s tools
Keep all the items you’re not endorsing for the day off your desk and out of sight
Research current trends and what your competition is doing

Everyone wants to be on Instagram. But, the truth is some people make noisy presentations that fail to leave a mark on the audience. What helps is starting small and building on each success. Trends change, so flexibility is key to longevity.

So it may be wise to avoid pulling all the stops and maintain a consistent flow.


Competition for social media influencers is at an all-time high. And, this may remain the case for years to come. After all, anyone with a smartphone can be an influencer. But, the truth is only those that meet the audience’s needs at heart make it.

Sure, it may be a numbers game, but tactful planning and coordination are crucial to longevity. All this starts with having a desktop setup that can help you plan more effectively. As you can see, it's not that hard, especially if you have an ergonomic standing desk and a compatible office chair.

We hope these tips give you the confidence to create stunning posts straight from your office desk. Feel free to add anything we may have skipped in the comment section. We hope you'll accompany us in future adventures into optimal workplace productivity.