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6 Interesting Ways Anti-Fatigue Mats Improve Business Productivity

18 January 2022

Most businesses battle with the problems and costs resulting from absences and accidents. However, others don't or have experience in tackling these issues. Some may not even be aware of the impact of injuries or absences on their business. Now, you might be thinking about how it's connected to anti-fatigue mats.

Before that, you need to know what anti-fatigue mats are? These mats are designed for people who stand for long periods on a hard surface (e.g., tile floor). They help reduce fatigue and are made of various materials, including wood, vinyl, rubber, and carpeting materials.

A study conducted by Aghazadeh from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences showed that anti-fatigue mats are associated with lesser back pain, thereby improving workers' productivity. As a businessman, you must be expecting to generate some fantastic revenue and get things going. You make sure the sales are good by keeping an eye on the market. However, do you know that anti-fatigue mats can improve your business indirectly? Position them in critical places to shift the levers to benefit in the long run.

Here are the 6 interesting ways anti-fatigue mats can improve your business productivity.

1. Lesser Injuries:

Most of the back injuries happening in a workplace result from prolonged standing. While standing, your back carries most of your body weight. Your joints suffer if you stand for significant hours a day, and it all starts with the feet.

Thus, ensure your employees are comfortable by placing some anti-fatigue floor mats around the workplace. Their backs won't hurt too. Now, how is your money saved? Just think about the days your employees take bad-back leaves. So, it costs you money, and anti-fatigue mats will help.

2. Less Workload for Cleaning Staff:

You may have hired a cleaning staff on a full-term basis to keep the workplace neat and clean. Other businesses even outsource such tasks to external agencies. Others even entrust the cleaning task to otherwise appointed staff members.

Remember, dusting the shelves and wiping the floors is one thing. Caring for the yearly-used anti-fatigue mats is another. Thus, with anti-fatigue mats from Flexispot, you significantly reduce the cleaning staff's workload. This saves a lot of your time and money.

3. Lesser Infections at the Workplace:

Keeping your workplace neat and hygienic is an arduous task. Since your anti-fatigue mats have a rubber back, they stick well to the surface. This helps prevent the spread of infectious bacteria and viruses all over the workplace.

Workplace hygiene is the only thing standing between these infectious agents and your employees. Thus, your hygienic efforts are aided by the strong barrier of anti-fatigue mats. Again! How is your money saved? Less sick days!! But there is more included with it. If people start talking about your office, bar, restaurant, or retail business being infected regularly, then your business shuts instantly.

4. Greater Employee Satisfaction:

People love to work for a successful company. Working there adds meaning to their lives. They start worrying less about the future and feel more satisfied generally. Thus, if your business is thriving and your employees feel better at the workplace, they work better, leading to more success.

Therefore, make sure that the balls get rolling. Furthermore, employee satisfaction is boosted with good working conditions at the workplace. Your employees will certainly appreciate it if anti-fatigue mats are installed. This makes their standing for hours of work bearable. Thus, you start earning more and also help save money indirectly.

5. Improved Workplace Atmosphere: 

Everyone loves it if your workplace is adequately equipped and well-designed. This includes the employees and clients, customers, and visitors. A professional-looking workplace is taken more seriously by the visitors.

Keep in mind that such details are vital for successful businesses. This is what differentiates an average business from a world-class business taking care of minute details. So, decide which type you want to take forward and make sure your workplace reflects your ideas.

6. Fewer Accidents:

Your regular anti-fatigue mats offer a lot than their primary functions. They prevent your employees from slipping and getting harmed. Because of its unique material, an anti-fatigue mat holds firmly to the floor.

No twisting or turning means fewer people slipping and getting injured. This avoids sick days for your employees significantly. Moreover, your employees stand firm on their feet and get less reckless & tired. This is another secondary function of how slips and accidents are prevented.


Happy employees are always better workers. Countless research has been conducted on how keeping your employees happy can significantly benefit the amount and quality of work they do daily. Your business becomes more productive with fewer absences resulting from lower injuries at the workplace.

These anti-fatigue mats save your time and money cleaning up spillages. With lesser injuries and satisfactory workplace conditions for your employees, you will be surprised by increased productivity.

If you want to improve the safety of your employees at the workplace, buying some anti-fatigue mats from Flexispot might be the best choice.