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5 Ways to Set Up Your Workspace for Maximum Efficiency and Comfort

25 April 2023

It's all too easy to underestimate the impact of comfort on your ability to work productively and efficiently. But the set-up of your workspace is, in fact, closely connected to your productivity.

If your workspace is full of distractions, this can harm your ability to concentrate for long periods of time. If you feel uncomfortable at work because your home office or in-office workspace is poorly set up, this can also impact your productivity, not to mention your mental well-being.

With this in mind, setting up your workspace for comfort and efficiency is a no-brainer. Not only will your results at work improve, but your physical and mental health will also enjoy benefits.

1. Minimise Noise Disruptions

Sure, putting on classical music in the background probably isn't going to disrupt your work. In fact, it could make you even more productive in some cases.

But the neighbours barking dogs, hearing your girlfriend's work call, or loud heavy metal are likely to disrupt your workflow. Plus, if you're working from your company's office, you're likely to be exposed to a whole variety of distracting sounds, from meetings to chatter from your colleagues.

In fact, 53% of workers say that workplace noise harms their productivity. With this in mind, keep noise disruption to a minimum. Keep doors and windows closed when possible to avoid outdoor noise, and consider wearing noise-cancelling headphones to minimise background noise.

If you're in a noisy office space and there's little you can do to escape the loud sounds, book out a meeting room or solitary space when you have tasks to carry out that require a high level of attention to detail.

2. Invest in the Right Furniture

If your 'home office' is a sofa and a coffee table, it's probably causing serious problems for your health. You need a proper ergonomic chair and a desk that works for you.

Look for an ergonomic office chair specially designed to make your workspace more comfortable and reduce bad posture. When it comes to finding the right desk, height adjustable desks are ideal for allowing you to work at a height that suits you and ensure you can keep your arms at a 90-degree angle when typing.

A height adjustable standing desk is another great option for mixing things up with your working space. Standing desks allow you to stand while working or taking meetings, and you can even fit a treadmill underneath so you can exercise while you work. And since exercise boosts brainpower, you can expect your work to improve as a result of walking.  

Investing in a standing desk allows you to avoid the negative health outcomes that arise as a result of living a sedentary lifestyle and sitting at a desk all day. By making sure your furniture works for you, you can increase your productivity.

3. De-clutter

You know how they say 'a tidy desk equals a tidy mind'? There's some serious truth in that statement.

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy contributes to productivity. For starters, imagine how much more quickly you can access important documents and other tools if your desk isn't a mess.

Not to mention, having a cluttered desk or office can make it difficult to focus. If you can constantly see tons of clutter and mess in your peripheral vision, you'll find it harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

If you have too many items in your home office, or keep personal items in there, conduct a de-clutter. Little do you know, you'll be de-cluttering your mind at the same time!

4. Get Some Greenery

One way to instantly make a space not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also healthier, is to invest in plants. By putting indoor plants around your home office, you can make the space more pleasant to be in while improving air quality.

5. Change the Lighting

Working in the glare of super-bright artificial office light isn't great for us. If possible, position your desk so you can work within natural light. Prioritise space near a window, and open the window from time to time to get access to brain-boosting fresh air.

If you're working during the winter months or in a room with no windows, invest in a few lamps that are manufactured to mimic the look and effect of natural sunlight.

Setting up your workspace for increased productivity doesn't have to be difficult. Even a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference not only to your efficiency, but also to your health and well-being.

Invest in the right furniture, minimise disruptions, and prioritise comfort. You'll soon see your productivity soar!