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5 Mobile Apps To Improve Productivity At Your Workplace

30 January 2023

Many years ago, the English word ‘technology’ was coined from two Greek words, ‘techne’  and ‘logos’, and it was used to describe applied arts and their various forms.

In today's world, technology has an entirely different meaning. Some people would define it as the practical use of knowledge to solve problems or make advancements in the environment, making fantastic contributions to the various aspects of our everyday life.

For instance, it doesn’t matter what field of job you are in; technology - even in its smallest form - can make your work life better. You can travel to your office that is miles away in a matter of minutes or even work from home - all thanks to technology.

It gets even better with the advent of smartphones and their software applications. Now, you can use various mobile apps to make your work easier and get it done fast.

In this article, we’ll go over a few mobile applications that can improve productivity at your workplace. These include:

1. Todoist

If you always need to create a to-do list to get your daily tasks done, Todoist is a mobile application that you would love to have. While writing everything you need to do on a paper is good, there is always the minor issue of accessing the list whenever and wherever you want.

Luckily, you can have your to-do list on Todoist, which is very easy to use and can be installed on any device - as long as it has an internet connection. This app offers various features that allow you to assign timelines to your tasks, organize the assignments by project, and even view a project with a Kanban board.

2. Google Calendar

Indeed, the physical calendar is a must-have item on the office desk. However, there is only so much time management and planning that you can do on a calendar page. A calendar app like Google Calendar is exactly what you need to manage your time effectively and, subsequently, increase your productivity.

With Google Calendar, you can schedule your in-person and virtual meetings (the app lets you save the link to your Zoom meetings). Additionally, it links to your Google mail so that you can invite other people to a scheduled event on your calendar.

While there are other brilliant mobile calendar apps, Google Calendar stands out for how easy it is to install and use. In fact, you can load the application on any device at any time - such is the convenience it offers.

3. Evernot

It can be pretty stressful to store every piece of information in one's mind, explaining why people take notes whenever they are at a meeting, in a class, or even just lounging on their living room sofa.

At the same time, you surely do not want a clutter of notes, as it might make later references a little bit difficult. For this reason, you should make use of note-taking apps like Evernote instead. This software package can aid the storing and sorting of information properly.

Evernote is an excellent application that can be used to write notes and organize them into different categories. Moreover, it has an effective search feature, making document retrieval relatively easy.

Basically, Evernote will make storing useful information easier, thereby improving your workflow and productivity.

4. Slack

Slack is a messaging platform specifically designed for a work setting. It is a pretty innovative communication tool that promotes organization and productivity in a workplace.

Slack offers a platform for instant messaging amongst employees. It allows the creation of chat rooms or channels for a specific task. So, members of a work team can discuss an ongoing project, share relevant documents, create checklists, and set work targets for the team.

Furthermore, the functions of this app can be tailored to suit the unique needs of any organization, and it works with other relevant applications.

5. Freedom

It is human to get distracted from time to time while trying to get your work done. Many things, like an interesting article on the internet, can grab your attention during a task, making you spend more time than usual on a single assignment. Hence, you need an app like Freedom to prevent some of these avoidable distractions.

Freedom is an outstanding creation that helps block distractions - in the form of websites and apps - on all of your devices. So, when you block an app or website on your personal computer, it won't function on your mobile phone either.

While using the Freedom app will help you avoid workflow disruption and enhance your productivity, comfortable work chairs and desks can also enable you to maintain focus in the office.

Final Words

You can trust that the productivity mentioned above apps will surely assist you with your day-to-day work activities.

However, if you are looking to further improve your productivity and maintain your physical well-being at work, you can check out our online catalog for quality ergonomic office furniture and accessories.