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5 Ways To Sleep More Comfortably

22 July 2022

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for a healthy and positive lifestyle. Not getting quality sleep can result in an increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and even Alzheimer’s. So, here are 5 ways to help you sleep more comfortably at night.


Our bodies enjoy habits and routines - whether it be eating, exercising or sleeping at regular times.

Sleeping at roughly the same time every night helps build up a routine which encourages your body to naturally regulate itself. You’ll find yourself getting tired at the same time, and it’ll be far easier to fall asleep.

The same thing should be applied when you wake up. Even if you’ve not managed to sleep at your regular time the night before, you should still try to wake up as if you did.

Trying to catch up on sleep is a myth and doesn’t really work. In fact, it is far better to try to maintain your natural body clock rather than overcompensate and throw it off.

Another great tip is to develop a nighttime routine before bed. Try having a shower or a bath before getting some sleep. This will help form a nice barrier between what you were doing before you sleep, and when you finally get into bed.

Plus, the warm water will also help signal to your body that you’re preparing to sleep, as well as help relax your muscles.


Potentially the most important aspect of getting a good night’s rest is having an environment that is conducive to it. You might think that a dark room is all you need, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Our bodies are extremely sensitive to their sleeping arrangements, so it’s vital your bedroom conditions are optimised.

Some of us might find that we sleep through the night but are still tired – this could be because you had a particularly active night's sleep and your body wasn’t truly resting.

Variables such as noise, light and temperature can significantly decrease your sleep quality. Make sure you have blacked-out windows, you sleep in a quiet environment and you put on white noise to dull out any sudden noises during the night. A small fan or heater should be an excellent source of white noise, and can also keep your room as cool/warm as you want it.

Furthermore, change your sheets to suit the season. Doing so will prevent your body from actively trying to cool itself at night – i.e., moving around, throwing off sheets and pulling them back on again.

Factors such as bed quality and pillow quality can also influence your rest. An electric bed, such as the ones by Flexispot, can help to significantly improve your comfort level both as you sleep but also as you rest.

An electric bed allows for a customised sleeping position to be chosen, by lifting your head into a more suitable position. This means you don’t need to make do with stacking pillows to keep your head elevated. Just use the remote and make the process easy for yourself.

Adjustable beds can also allow you and your partner to sleep in different positions that are better for you both, rather than compromising as a couple. One of you may prefer laying completely horizontal, whereas the other might like a slight incline. With an adjustable bed that includes a dual mattress feature, you can customise your individual sleeping positions as you wish.

This means you both will be less active and disturb one another less as you sleep – guaranteeing a higher quality of rest for you both.


It might seem like a small thing, but making sure you’re sleeping in quality items can have a surprisingly large impact on your sleep quality.

Wearing restrictive clothing at night can cause you to become overheated and uncomfortable, causing you to toss and turn which will interrupt your sleep. Try wearing items of clothing that naturally complement the curves of your body as well as items that are soft to touch. The only problem is you might not want to get out of them!

Food & Drink

Sadly, this is the part of the article in which I tell you not to eat and drink the things you love. Foods, such as spicy ones, can result in heartburn and can severely unsettle your stomach as you’re trying to sleep.

Caffeine and alcohol are two items that you definitely need to avoid if quality sleep is on your mind. Some people believe that alcohol is a good way to help them sleep as it will knock them out and therefore, they fall asleep quickly.

However, this is the perfect example of sleeping without quality sleep. Alcohol inhibits our natural sleep cycle and can prevent our brains from venturing into a deep sleep.

Caffeine on the other hand will simply keep you awake - that is something all of us are aware of! This doesn’t mean you need to avoid alcohol and caffeine altogether, but rather try to avoid them during the afternoons and evenings.

Daytime Activity

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is hugely beneficial for improving sleep quality.

An increase in exercise has been demonstrated to increase our regularity in sleep patterns, which can increase the overall quality of our sleep.

Try to do a small amount of exercise in the evenings, such as going for a walk or doing some meditation/yoga. This will help to stretch out and tire your muscles, which can induce tiredness when you need it most.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some ways to sleep more comfortably, check out some of the tips above for a better night’s sleep. Happy sleeping!