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3 Things to Consider When Adjusting Your Chair

01 September 2020

When it comes to your office chair, the right support is what makes the difference between an effective chair and one that might cause serious damage to your back in the long run. Your best bet is finding the right chair and adjusting it with the top 3 considerations: proper arm support, correct chair height and the right backrest support. For a chair that accommodates all these adjustments, we suggest getting an ergonomic chair like FlexiSpot’s OC2U Office Chair. It’s only with the right chair that you can make the right adjustments to fit your back and your body. Ergonomic chairs are the best option for this because they often have adjustable capabilities for the 3 types of support needed to ensure that you’re properly rested and supported. What makes ergonomic chairs stand out is that they have adjustable features for your back, arms and neck. It’s only when all these 3 things are considered that you can ensure that your chair works for you. In this article we’ll show you how you can adjust your chair to the proper specifications to ensure that you’re completely supported.

Armrest Support
The first aspect of adjusting your chair that many people overlook is the importance of armrest support. Often when we think of the support your chair provides, we immediately think only of back support. Considering your arms rest as you work is an important way to help ensure that you can easily maintain the proper distance between you and your screen as well as to help provide proper rest to your arms and shoulders. When adjusting your armrest ensure that it’s just high enough to fit underneath your desk, this ensures that as you move forward towards your desk, your arms have a place to rest as you work. This helps alleviate any stress on your arms and shoulders, an important factor especially when you spend long hours in front of your screen. Ultimately, the point of proper armrest support is ensuring that you stay comfortable as you work.

Chair Height
When it comes to determining proper chair height, most people adjust to the height of their desks, this is where the first mistake is made. Your chair and office space as a whole is not something you should adjust to, rather it’s something that should work for your body. This is the key to ensuring less strain on your neck and back. To properly adjust your chair consider two important things: how your feet are planted on the ground and the support of your knees in correlation to your waist. These two factors will allow you to see if your chair is too high or too low.

First off, check how your feet are planted on the ground. If your feet are barely touching the ground, your seat is too high. Be sure that your seat height can accommodate your feet to be comfortably planted and placed on the ground, this ensures that you have proper stability and control. Now that your feet are firmly planted on the ground, ensure that your knees are not above your waist, if it is your chair may be too low. To ensure the proper height of your chair, check this ergonomic calculator. It computes the best seat height for your office chair. If you have a standing desk, it also computes the proper desk height based on your own height. Remember that when it comes to the right height, it’s about the relation of your desk and chair to your height. Always ensure the proper height to provide you with the best support.

Backrest Support
Proper backrest support is completely dependent on the type of chair that you have. Proper ergonomic chairs provide you with proper lumbar support and even allow you to tilt your backrest to work best for you. To adjust your backrest properly, ensure that your back is properly supported and not forced to be too relaxed or too stiff. Keep your back at an angle between 100 to 110 degrees. The key is understanding what resting position works best for your back, this helps ensure that you’re both supported and comfortable. By ensuring that you aren’t strained or folded over, you allow yourself a better sitting position that will help ensure proper posture to help keep you productive and focused while you work.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Chair
Ultimately adjusting your office chair to the proper specifications is only truly effective when you have the right kind of office chair. Adjust your armrest, chair height and backrest to the proper position with ergonomic chairs like the OC2U Office Chair