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16 Useful Skills You Should Learn Today to Became a Digital Nomad

26 January 2022

Nancy’s alarm shrieked loudly as always. Startled, she jumped out of bed and grudgingly made her way to the bathroom. It's time for work-- judging by the time, it's apparent that she has slept through all her previous alarms.

Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. Hold on a minute, she just got a new job, and for once in her life, she could be the digital nomad she always craved to become.

Like a wildfire, the world has caught the work flexibility fever. For instance, digital nomadism is now famous. Maybe the pandemic has done the good, some good after all.

Oops, pardon my manners. We sure have people who find the term digital nomad strange. So, if you are wondering what it means and why Nancy feels she doesn't need to take a bath immediately, keep scrolling! Because you'd find out much more than that, we intend to tell you how to become one!

Let's get this underway already.

Digital Normad

What Does Digital Normad Mean?

Digital nomadism is a rapidly growing trend that entails making a living with tech regardless of wherever you are on the planet. You might as well visit Mars (Okay, we aren’t sure that counts. Only earth for now, please).

Since the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris popularized this, it's becoming a new normal. We suppose anyone would love the opportunity to work from anywhere they want.

Digital nomads enjoy the thrill of seeing the world without truncating their earning. Your boss doesn't care about where you are-- so long as you get the job done. This lifestyle has its perks but funding your travels requires earning more than your splurging. So, what jobs allow you to afford such a lifestyle with ease?

According to MBO partners, independent workers embrace this trend more than other workers. However, the term independent worker doesn’t cover all the skills that could expose you to this exciting work life. That begs the question, how can you become a digital nomad?

Sundry skills prepare you for this adventure-- luckily for you, we have a few pointers in that direction. Check out the skills to hone in the next couple of months if you're interested.

Programming skills

Programming skills

Programming isn’t the breeziest skill to acquire. But trust us, you’d be well on your way to becoming a digital nomad with it. Do you want to travel the world and make a decent income? Learning programming languages like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and jQuery is a great start.

The world is gradually taking on digitalism fully. So, the job market could use tons of skilled web and app developers. Honing this skill and excelling in this niche will offer a chance for high income.

Frankly, learning a programing language would take a while. Sometimes a few months or a few years-- but once you secure the skill, it’s all a cinch from there. We recommend that you get down to studying and get to work as soon as possible. Time’s ticking! And the sooner you get to work, the better.

Writing skills

If you often get compliments about your writings, it could be your passcode into nomadic life. With a bit of training, you can channel your writing skill and create a professional life as a copywriter, blogger, UX writer, academic writer, and different forms of writing.

With writing, there are always options. Some of which include writing for personal clients or working with writing companies. However, the pay rates for different writing vary. But regardless of which proves to be your strong point, you’ll earn your travel expenses with patience and consistency. Spectacular skills have a way of yielding monumental returns.

Photography skills

Photography skills

Creativity sells in today’s digital world. Regardless of what you are creative with, there is a space for you. Photography is creative and can set you on the path to digital nomadism. If photography happens to be your hobby, you may as well monetize it, and if you have the slightest interest in photography, don’t hold back.

Learn it or level up your skills to make money online. Are you wondering how you can make money with photography? How about selling stock photos online or creating content for brands-- you can also decide to start your photography blog-- yep, that’s a thing.

With adequate experience, you can create an online photography course and sell it on Skillshare or Udemy.

Can’t afford a professional camera and all the necessary tools? Get a smartphone with top-notch picture quality. These days, even smartphones cameras rival professional cameras. Moreover, smartphone photography is all the rage.

Digital marketing skills

Digital marketing is a high-paying job that happens to be in high demand lately. Not to mention it allows you to work from anywhere in the world-- provided you have a laptop and internet connection. With digital marketing skills, you can establish a brand’s online presence and solidify the brand’s identity. You can create compelling content or design and optimize social media ads for better engagement.

Take digital marketing courses online for a firm foundational introduction to the digital marketing world. Or take any course that upgrades your knowledge if you aren’t a novice.

Graphic design skills

Graphic design skills

Graphics is at the core of ads for companies. So, considering the number of companies out there, there’s a shortage of graphics designers. That's your cue If you have an eye for design or have a penchant for beautiful graphics.

But first, you need a professional skillset for Photoshop, InDesign, and illustrator. Additionally, a knowledge of HTML and basic UI/UX knowledge is icing on the cake for this skill.

Graphics designing skills open you to opportunities with multimedia companies, advertising agencies, books, magazine publishers, etc.

Creative skills

The market for creativity is vast and isn’t short of inclusiveness. Most of the skills on this list require creativity. Writing, photography, and even graphics designing are all tied to creative abilities.

But some skills require the ultimate level of creativity. Something about thinking outside the box and creating a mouth-gapping piece. If you are confident enough, you can try taglines niche or business name creation.

Proofreading and editing skills

Proofreading and editing skills

Grammar skills can fetch you a sizeable income. Hence, proofreading and editing are an option to consider if your grammar skill is excellent. Writers will gladly pay anything to rid their books, reports, or blog posts of grammar errors.

All you need to do is prove yourself, and getting your first client won’t be a hassle. Even students need proofreading assistance with their essays online. Sometimes, they would stop at nothing to have the best essay assignments. It’s a lucrative market to consider because the demand is immersive.

Communication skills

The remote workplace is plagued with an assortment of misconceptions. One of them is the belief that communication skills aren’t essential. Since you work behind the screen, you can always cheat the communication part of work-- so not true.

The truth is you need maximum communication efforts to make a remote work arrangement successful. As a digital nomad, you need the pro max version of this skill-- to say the least. You need to communicate effectively to discuss ongoing projects, explain your challenges, and pour out your thoughts the best way possible.

Most often than not, companies consist of various professionals from different backgrounds. During meetings, you need to communicate fluidly in the simplest way because not everyone understands professional jargon.

So, during zoom meetings and numerous meetings, your communicative skills need to be 101%. Digital nomads need 200% because verbal and writing communicative skills are vital. Remember, you’d need it to relate with people you meet during your trips.

Architecture-related skills

Architecture-related skills

Does interior design and architecture tickle your fancy? If the answer is yes, you can work as a floor plan designer, visualization expert, interior designer, and architect.

Being crafty with AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Rhino 3D, and other similar software will earn you decent pay. One decent enough to fund your nomadic lifestyle without rendering you penniless.

Organizational and planning skills

Freelancers need all the organizational skills they can invoke. Because, regardless of your niche, you should have an organized work process and be independent enough to complete tasks.

Without organization skills, you may end up struggling with an either/or situation. Having a fusion of work and travel is the essence of digital nomadism.

Without organization skills, you may either explore new cities at the expense of your work or work instead of touring.

Foreign language skills

Foreign language skills

Learning foreign languages as you travel around is a skill that aids the fun part of being a digital nomad. Fluency isn’t a requirement; the basics are excellent enough. Nothing beats the feeling of communicating effectively with the locals of a foreign country.

Thankfully, learning new languages isn’t impossible. You can learn online through language apps or books. You also have the option of learning directly from a local via skype.

Legal Skills

The freelancing world is vast enough with innumerable. Peculiar skills like legal knowledge would thrive incredibly in freelance. Many companies seek legal expertise for legal document drafting and other legal advice.

If you can draft trademark reviews, patent applications, and the likes, you have a shot at becoming a digital nomad. The demand for legal help online is greater than the supply. Carve the niche for yourself today.

Time-management skills

Time-management skills

Picture this: You’re spending a week in the Bahamas, and you’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island. You have two days to go, and you have to develop a website for a company. You need to complete the task in a few days!

What will you do? Risk an evening date with the friendly dolphins or deny yourself the pleasure?

Time management is a frontline skill for any digital nomad. The beauty of travelling is being able to explore. Hence, the situation above depicts a poorly managed time. With proper time management, you won’t have to struggle with deadlines and exploration time.

There won’t be friction with the two tasks if you have impeccable time management skills.

Storytelling skills

Spinning narratives and creating a graphical picture with words is a remarkable skill. And that’s storytelling at its best. If you have this skill, you can work as a screenwriter, blogger, book writer, or even video game writer. Luckily for you, the demand is high in the freelancing world.

And if you are interested in developing this skill, check out courses on Udemy or edX.

Research skills

Research skills

A top-notch research skill would prevent you from diving blindly. Digital nomads should have research skills to execute their tasks flawlessly and enhance their travel experience. You’ll research information about locals, the food they eat, and the safety tips required for a particular country.

And we also recommend that you research countries that are accommodating and have suitable conditions for work. Chances are if you visit a city at the wrong time, you experience an unsuitable weather condition.

Social skills

Your social skills go a long way in helping you blend into a new culture and make friends. You may have a problem being a digital nomad if you have terrible social skills.

You’d be away from friends and family for weeks or days. So, you’ll need all the social skills you can gather to enjoy the adventure!


Becoming a digital nomad isn’t an entirely pleasant experience but living as one is thrilling! Endure the process long enough to acquire the skills you require. With that, you can achieve your dreams of exploring the world!

Don’t forget to always work healthily during trips. Nothing should stop you from locating a suitable co-working space with the best Ergonomic chairs and standing desks!

Live a healthy nomadic lifestyle.