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10 Steps to Optimise Your Morning Routine

21 Feb. 2022

Starting off your morning in a positive, energised way sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Many of us probably don’t give much thought to our morning routines, beyond mentally checking off the numerous things we need to remember to do before rushing for the door in a last-minute scramble.

However, your morning is the most important part of your day and so should be given some thought.

Here are 10 steps to help you get your mornings on track and feel empowered for the day. Even self-confessed morning-haters will find something to brighten their mornings in this list!

#1 Get Up 30 Minutes Earlier

Perhaps the least appealing tip for anyone who is not a morning person, but this is the tip which will unlock the hidden potential in your mornings.

Getting up 30 minutes earlier will help you to shake off the grogginess before you start your day properly and give you time to enjoy a slower, stress-free morning.

Ease into your new routine by getting up 10 minutes earlier for a week and build up from there.

#2 Hydration

So, what should you do with this new-found free time?

To begin, whether you like to start your morning with a steaming coffee or a pint of water, it’s important to drink when you wake up. Drinking water in the morning helps to fuel brain activity, improve gut health, support your immune system and boost your mood.

#3 Eat Well

Make time to enjoy a slow breakfast. Eat fresh, enjoy the preparation and savour the taste. Eating slowly helps to improve digestion and our general health.

Getting ahead with your daily vitamin needs by sneaking portions of fruit into your breakfast is a great way to start your day and brighten your mood.


#4 Pre-Select to Limit Decision Fatigue

End the agonising morning rifle through your closet to free up mind space and reduce stress.

Pre-selecting the clothes you will wear each day can help to limit decision fatigue, improve your mood, and allow you to spend your morning in a more productive, positive fashion.

#5 Stimulate Your Mind

Instead of wasting your mental energy on endless morning decisions, use that time and brainpower to do something which stimulates your mind, engages your curiosity and inspires creativity.

Puzzles, mindful colouring, reading and crafts are all great ways of positively engaging your mind.

#6 Move Your Body

Light morning stretches, a little yoga, or even a light run can be great ways to start your morning off positively.

Exercise boosts your mood, as well as your health, and it doesn’t have to be a large time commitment. Even 5 minutes of daily morning yoga have been shown to have huge benefits for the body and mind.

There is an abundance of online exercise classes and videos which offer a wide range of styles and options, including light burst and non-sweat options which are great for time-limited mornings.

#7 Mindful Moment

Taking a moment to pause and reflect will set you up well for your day.

Writing a few lines in a gratitude journal, making a list of your personal goals for the day, or meditating are great ways to focus your mind, find some peace in a hectic life, and start your day off positively.

There are many mindful apps which offer guided meditations and breathing exercises to enhance your morning routine.


#8 Breathe in the Fresh Air

A short morning walk, whether it’s part of your commute or just a walk down the street, will help to brush away any mental cobwebs and energise you for your day.

Taking a moment to appreciate the nature around you - whether you live within reach of the countryside, on a tree-lined street, or need to look up at the sky to see the wild - will grant you a moment of peace and mindfulness which is hard to replicate inside.

#9 Protect Your Morning

Protect your morning routine and general wellbeing by avoiding work emails before you actually start work. Spending your morning mentally preparing yourself for the day is a much better way to ensure you perform well at work.

Avoid social media in the morning - better yet, avoid all digital devices. Your mental health and improved mood will thank you for it. And after a few days, you won’t miss the morning doom-scrolling anyway.

#10 Prepare for a Good Day

As with your clothing choice, pre-preparing for a good day will help you to preserve your positive morning routine.

Prepare your lunch in advance. Batch cooking is a great way to protect your time, save money, and efficiently utilise leftovers.

Pre-pack your bag. No more last-minute morning scrambles to find your keys!

Remind yourself of important events, times and tasks. Write a to-do list the night before to ensure you are organised for your day and can enjoy your morning.

And remember to set your alarm!

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