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10 Easter Gifts Ideas for Families

25 March 2021

Easter is around the corner, and the Christians, alongside allies from other religions, are gearing up for the celebrations. The event is ever dotted with a flurry of activities that range from get-togethers, quick vacation trips, and gifting. In fact, where gifting is involved, Easter does give Christmas a run for its money. But why is gifting so important during Easter?

The unique thing about Easter is its timing. It is celebrated when people are busy with their work-related activities, which means they have had to spend close to three months away from their families, and the best way to show how they have missed each other is through gifts. But deciding on the right gift that best brings out what you feel can be a little challenging, and that’s why we are here for you, to do the legwork. We have split the gifts into two parts, for kids and adults, to make your work much more manageable.

For Kids

Kids are easy to please, and as far as Easter is concerned, it is simply another chance to gorge themselves on candy and cakes, but you can always go a little extra and get them a memorable gift for the occasion. The following are some ideas you can try.

A Filled Easter Basket


Source: Pixabay

For many children, the whole point of celebrating Easter is to carry their little eggs, dolls, candy, and other items in cute little Easter-themed baskets complete with colorful colors, depending on their preferences. You can have the basket embroidered with their names on the side for a more personal touch that will leave a memorable impact on their impressionable minds; You can even turn the whole thing into a mystery treasure hunt and have them search for gifts by following hidden clues around the house.

Easter Bunny Headbands


Source: Pinterest

Bunnies are a constant Easter theme that’s a hit with the children. If you have a toddler, you can spice things up for them by getting them a cute little headband with bunny ears on the side. This will create an adorable image that you can frame for future jibes when they grow up. Most of these headbands can be bought online, or you can have them custom-made in your local area. The headbands are not just limited to toddlers; grown kids of up to 12 years will not have any trouble wearing them as they are still playful at that stage.

Easter Lego


Source: Pinterest

Legos are all-season toys that you can get your kid at any time of the year, but you can make Easter a little more special by incorporating some Easter-themed lego set and watch the kids try to reconstruct the Easter bunny from scratch. Some come with over 100 pieces, and they are an ideal gift for kids who are ten years and older; it may even get your stubborn teenage son or daughter a bit interested for a moment due to its puzzle nature.

Branded T-Shirts


Source: Pinterest

A customized t-shirt is very on-brand with the festive season, and this would be the ideal gift if you have a teenager in the house. They can get a little aloof and picky with what you give them, but a branded t-shirt is sure to lift their moods. You can have them branded with artwork of something they like with a nice little Easter twist added to it. The ideas you can implement here are unlimited.

A Coloring Book


Source: Pinterest

Coloring books are the most diverse gift ideas for kids on this list. They come in varying shapes, sizes, and themes. You simply have to find one that fits in well with the Easter theme and watch your kid get lost in the pages trying to color within the margins of several animal shapes and inanimate objects. For some extra bucks, you can have it customized with the images of the other family members. That would definitely go down as one of their most unforgettable gifts.

Gifts for Adults

Adults deserve gifts on Easter too, and there are several options that you can choose from. Unlike children, adult gifts require some little thought behind them. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the person you are gifting is one sure way of knowing what to go for. Some of the notable gifts worth your attention include the following.



Source: Unsplash

Every time is wine time, and there’s no better time to enjoy that special bottle of wine than on Easter time. The best type of wine to give an adult on this festive occasion would be something sweet, so a Rose would do just fine. Have it wrapped into a gift bag with a heartfelt note of appreciation to the giftee to show how much they mean to you. Some of the specific bottles you may consider going for include the Schramsberg Brut Rose, Ferghettina Franciacorta Brut Cuvee, Out East Côtes de Provence Rosé, among many others.

A Picnic Hamper


Source: Pinterest

Easter is a communal affair where all family members meet together and dine from home as a unit. Still, if you don’t come from a huge family, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from staging a small celebration with the love of your life. A picnic hamper full of food, wine, candy, and some chocolate will leave a good impression on the person you are gifting. You can even have a day out under the warm sun, holding an intimate conversation with each other. When it comes to Easter, you are only limited by your imagination.



Source: Unsplash

When you run out of ideas, buy chocolates. They are the international symbol of gifts, and they go well with just about anything you can think of, even sad events. Some chocolates are explicitly designed for the Easter season, and they usually feature the egg theme. Some come coated with all forms of flavors to enhance the experience. Getting customized chocolate may be challenging, but you can add a personal touch by slipping in a happy note somewhere to demonstrate your appreciation.

Printed Mugs


Source: Pinterest

Anything that involves customized printing will always have the biggest impact on an individual because it has a personal touch to it that speaks deeply to the soul and the heart. A mug printed with words of affirmation is one of the sweetest gestures you can extend to the special people in your life. The best part? It doesn’t cost much to have them customized to your exact specifications. You can have a mug for every person in your family, each in their favorite color with a different message. They would live to remember this for the rest of their lives.

Standing Desk


Source: Flexispot

This is by far the most iconic gift you can present to someone on Easter. If you know anyone who would benefit a lot from having a standing desk to help them in their daily work, then this would be the ideal gift to wrap up a festivity as auspicious as Easter. Flexispot is home to a number of quality standing desks that pack state-of-the-art features not found in any other brand. Some of the desks that you can choose from include the following.

Height-Adjustable Children Desk Set: These are convenient types of desks that can be used for both children and adults. They give the user some unique privileges like the freedom to adjust the desk’s height to suit adults and children, a two-tier desktop that can be lowered or raised independently to create room for other items. They also come with pressure-sensitive height adjustment that automatically makes the desktop retract by 1.5 inches when pressure is applied on top of them.

Standing Desks for Teens: These are standing desks that allow the user to stand while using them. They have adjustable heights, an expansive desktop area that can accommodate books and even leave room for other items. The desks also come with safety features like anti-collision sensors and rounded corners that stop the user from colliding with the hard edges as they move around.

Electric Gaming Desks: There are a number of ergonomic electric gaming chairs that are not only budget-friendly but pack a number of features not seen anywhere else in the market. They are made of high-grade steel that stops the desk from wobbling even when heavy gaming PCs are placed on top. The surface is made of high-quality wood that’s both durable and beautiful, with an extra covering to protect the surface against liquid spills. There is ample space to fit a monitor, a gaming keypad, and space for the gaming mouse to move without any restrictions.

Home Office Height-Adjustable Standing Desk: The perfect gift for someone who has been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. The standing desk has enough room to allow a chair to be fit in when the user gets too tired to stand. There are automated buttons for adjusting the height to specific values, which can then be saved and accessed by the memory button. There’s an LED display screen that shows the values as you adjust the standing desk’s height.


As you shop around Flexispot for the right standing desk Easter gift, pay close attention to the features that make the desk check all the boxes. Getting a Flexispot standing desk comes with its own set of advantages;

● They are affordable, which means you get to save some extra money to add another Easter gift on top of the desk.

● The desks are very stylish; anyone would be thrilled to be gifted such a well-designed desk that excels both in functionality and appearance.

● They are versatile and can be adjusted in many ways to accommodate various needs, be it for use by an adult, a child, or for any other purpose besides working while standing.

● You can kiss back pains goodbye because the standing desks from Flexispot come with unlimited adjustment features that allow you to set them just right, giving your back and neck the much-needed reprieve.

So, if you have been having trouble deciding on what gift to go for, everything you need to make an impressionable impact on the people in your life has been outlined in full color for you here; the ball is now in your court. Go make some magic this Easter and stay safe.