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Working Early in the Morning vs. Working Late at Night - Which Is Better?

02 December 2022

It is well-known that some people are morning people and other people are night owls. Morning people enjoy getting up early in the morning to accomplish their tasks first thing. Night owls like to sleep in and achieve their goals later on.

It is pretty easy to figure out whether you are a morning person or a night owl. All you need to do is consider how late you like to stay up and how early you like to wake up. There are benefits to working at both times of the day, whether that be the early morning or late night.

This all simply depends on your schedule and needs. You can be successful during each time, as there are both morning and night brains. Below, you can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of working during each time of the day and which is best.

Working Early in the Morning - Pros and Cons

Working early in the morning can be better for productivity because you often wake up in better spirits than you went to sleep the night before. Aside from that, working early in the morning is also great for following routines and sticking to your schedule as there are very few distractions.

However, some people are not morning people and do not feel rejuvenated and alert when they wake up in the morning. If that is you, but you’d still like to make things happen in the morning, follow these 10 tips for creating a positive morning routine.

Working Late at Night - Pros and Cons

If you are looking to solve problems that require a bit of creativity, you should save them for later in the evening. While there are no actual studies that can support what we are about to say, you can ask just about anyone and they will tell you that working late in the evening not only feels great but many people also feel like they are doing the right thing by putting in the effort regardless of the what time it may be.

The body’s lung function also peaks later on in the day. Beyond that, you can experience peak performance at night if you are a night owl. This is also a great time for problem-solving and coming up with solutions.

Many people experience a burst of energy at night along with peace, as there are fewer distractions the later it gets. Everyone’s mood follows their own internal clock-led daily rhythm, though, so working at night will not benefit everyone.

Some people will experience higher levels of fatigue the later it gets. Their mood will also begin to decrease as they become more fatigued. This also boils down to an energy crash, which is not productive for getting work done.

It can be rather isolating working late at night, and the dark does not help that feeling. There will often be no other coworkers online or around.

Night owls typically experience a slow morning with a mid-day low but then peak in performance at night. It can be tough to maintain working late at night in some lifestyles.

Which Is Better?

Deciding whether working early in the morning or late at night is better for you completely depends on your situation and lifestyle. If you are a night owl, you probably will not consider working early in the morning to be a good thing, and vice versa if you are a morning person.

Use your own schedule to your advantage and work when it is best for you. If you work early in the morning, you will most likely hit a wall around 2 PM, but you will experience more optimism throughout the day. If you work late at night, you will most likely be more creative and gain optimism throughout the night.

Regardless of which choice you decide is best for you, stick to a routine that benefits the time you want to work. You will be most productive and successful with a routine that promotes working at the time you want to. And also, don’t forget to get in plenty of sleep if you want to be productive the next day.


Working early in the morning or late at night can be beneficial depending on what your personal preferences are. Both are manageable and successful, but only if they fit your specific needs.

You would not want to work late at night if you were a morning person, as it would likely throw off your entire routine. The same goes for a night owl working early in the morning. They probably would not get much done and be very fatigued throughout the workday.

Use your own schedule to decide which time of day is best for you to work. Monitor your day to see when you feel most productive and energetic.