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Woof, Meow, Smile: Perks of Bringing Your Pet to Work

31 May 2021

Pets are owned by a large number of people all over the world. In most cases, pets are dogs or cats. If you have a pet, your schedule most likely includes getting up in the morning, going through your daily morning routines, and then leaving for work. Your cherished buddy gets to stay at home and wait for your return in the evenings. This routine is a typical day in the life of many pet owners. But, on the other hand, what if your employer had a pet-friendly culture that permitted you to bring your pet to work with you?

Pet-friendly facilities are far more than a fad. Indeed, workplaces that enable employees to bring their pets to work are becoming widespread and for an excellent purpose. Several businesses in various sectors have implemented bring-your-pet-to-work policies, much to the amusement of many workers. There are numerous advantages and benefits to allowing pets into the workplace – advantages, and benefits that many companies are looking to take advantage of.


Keeping your employees pleased and your company's morale up is not always an easy job. When it comes to an organization's overall performance, keeping successful staff is an integral part of the equation. Many people who love taking their pets to work choose to continue working for companies that allow them to do so.


Do you ever pet your dog or cat after a rough, exhausting day? You feel relaxed and relieved just by touching their fur and being in their presence. Who knows if anyone can understand how this phenomenon works, but scientific findings support our experience. 

The research examined employee levels of stress and whether or not the presence of a dog had an influence. They did this by comparing cortisol levels in the morning to those at the end of the day. People who spent the day with a canine had noticeably lower stress levels at the end of the day compared to those who did not.


Pets in the workplace boost employee performance. Wagging tails around the workplace increase satisfaction levels, allowing employees to be happier at work. Keep an eye out for warning signs of low morale, and if you see any, think about going pet-friendly to see things improve.


Instead of the post-lunch slump, a short walk with a dog outside or a quick play with a cat could provide workers with the motivation they need to get through the workday. According to one report, people who had their dogs at work felt less anxious about running home after caring for them. As a result, they were able to work longer hours. They also discovered that pet-friendly workplaces saw fewer employees call in sick for the day than those who couldn't carry their pets to work.


Allowing workers to take their pets to work benefits their budgets, which may be a significant financial benefit when considering the cost of doggie daycare or dog walking facilities for employees who work long hours or travel long distances every day.


Pets have a way of bringing people close. They are excellent discussion topics and promote safe, good rapport, engagement, and socialization among employees.

Many businesses recognize the importance of coworker interaction and organize team-building activities and experiences. People who can bond and get along are better able to coordinate and, as a result, are more efficient.

Researchers experimented to see whether the mere presence of a dog in the office would encourage people to cooperate more effectively. They discovered that those who had a dog sneak up on them rated their group higher in terms of the trust, team performance, and friendship than those who had not.


Getting dogs in the workplace allows workers to get up from their desks and walk around during the day, in addition to using a standing desk or a desk bike. Most people carry their dogs to work, and regardless of the weather or the stress inside, the pups' toilet breaks and walk demands keep their human companions entertained.

Speaking of standing desks, raising your desk is a great way to allow more room, whether for your cat carrier or your dog perched on a file cabinet underneath your desk, making sure you get to keep an eye on your furry friend. FlexiSpot height-adjustable desks are moisture-proof and scratch-proof, perfect for when your bossy cat gets on top of it and judge you while you work!


Having a furry friend at work will help bridge the difference between life at home and work. Pets have been shown in studies to have unexpectedly positive effects on overall health. Pets – especially dogs – will help enhance overall employee well-being by reducing stress and improving blood pressure.


Allowing pets in the office will improve a client's impression of the business. Most people respond positively when permitted to connect with an employee's pet, and it can help them chill out and enjoy their experience with the company. Having pets in the workplace softens the company's reputation and makes a company seem more compassionate and forward-thinking.

Pets in the office help to boost the office setting and work culture as a whole. Having pets at work makes the workplace feel more like a home for workers, making them want to come to work and care less if they have to stay late!


Employee turnover is expensive, so businesses are always on the lookout for benefits and perks that will entice loyal workers. As female job seekers will often prefer the workplace with the most flexible maternity leave and child-care programs, a pet-friendly program will appeal to the much-desired new hire for similar reasons.

As if the privilege stigma associated with this age wasn't bad enough, getting pets at work is particularly common with Millennials, pushing policymakers to be more pet-friendly. Many top candidates searching for a new career are looking for forward-thinking businesses with amenities such as pet-friendly workplaces. 

A pet-friendly workspace can encourage you, your coworkers, and your pets in a variety of ways. In these challenging times, we are more than willing to try things to keep us inspired and happy, humans and animals alike.