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Why We Choose Customisable Furniture?

02 December 2021

All homes are different. Popular Pinterest boards may probably dictate what most homes would look like at a point in time but still, it doesn’t change the fact that all homes are different. Nothing is exactly the same as another.

Each house would most likely cater to the homeowner’s lifestyle. If the homeowner is active and into fitness, you would see exercise equipment more often and other furniture adjusted to make space for a treadmill or a desk bike. If someone is into arts, the place would be covered with paintings and have room for a painting workshop. If the homeowner is into cooking, the kitchen will be spacious and the pantry filled with different ingredients to play with cuisines from all over the world. If most occupants work from home, standing desks would have been installed in corners for personal workstations. Some families may have children and pets; thus the need to make their homes safe for these vulnerable groups.

So say, even though most of your furniture is mass-made, your home would still not look exactly the same as your next-door neighbor’s. You are different people with different lifestyles and varying needs—probably why customizable furniture exists and as an additional feature, costs a bit more than the fixed type.

Adjustable and customizable are good selling points because aside from style, furniture is bought for personal function. Here are four benefits you get from customizable furniture:

Caters to your personal needs

1. Caters to your personal needs

Whether you have health problems or not, each person has a personal preference. When you could adjust the height of a standing desk or the reclining angle of an ergonomic chair, it automatically gives an extra layer of comfort to the specific person using it at that time. These features also depend greatly on a person’s physique, depending on height, weight, and body type.

People also have different goals. A piece of exercise equipment such as the desk chair with customizable resistance levels or a folding treadmill with adjustable speed settings helps the user adjust it to his or her fitness goals at the time.

2. Can be changed with ease at anytime

When we work for long hours nonstop, our body would feel some strain, unannounced at a point in time. An adjustable feature in any furniture is a great relief because for a standing desk, we can easily shift from a sitting to a standing position; we can adjust the height of our standing desk converter if the level makes our eyes strain or our necks ache; we can recline the back of our chairs a bit more because we want to take a quick work break. Over time, a customizable feature is really worth the investment and makes a huge difference in our experience with the product.

Can be shared by multiple people at home

3. Can be shared by multiple people at home

If we are living with others, say our own family or a housemate and a friend of ours, it feels more practical to have furniture that can be shared. When the piece is adjustable, customizable, and has a wide range of weight or loading capacity, it’s easy to share it with another house resident who has a different height, weight, body type, and personal preference.

4. Can most likely fit into any space

Some furniture can be customized to fit a space. For example, you live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, you would most likely have less space for a massive desk as compared to a family house in Texas. Standing desks usually give the option to change the desktop size in order to fit a space or a certain profession with a spacious desk need.

FlexiSpot Customizable Products

As an ergonomic brand that promises to improve the lives of its every customer, almost all FlexiSpot products are customizable. It strives to cater to the needs of every customer and offers a wide range of options for each of its products. Here are some customizable products from FlexiSpot across different categories.

Under Desk Bike V9U

Under Desk Bike V9U

No need to install this under desk bike because it already arrives at your doorstep in one piece. You can easily move it out of the box and to your preferred area at home or in the office, thanks to its easy-rolling casters. The seat is height adjustable with a pneumatic adjustment level that moves it up and down with a gentle press. There are also eight resistance levels to choose from so it’ll be easy to adjust it based on your fitness goal at the moment.