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Why Choose a Dual Motor Frame for a Standing Desk

31 March 2021

Standing desks offer a wide variety of benefits for users that prefer working while standing. There are numerous standing desk options currently available on the market in 2021. However, users may also be interested in learning about the various types of motor standing desk frames.

Dual motor frames are becoming increasingly popular in the standing desk world. More and more users are swapping out their single motor frames for dual motor ones for a variety of reasons. Let’s examine why you should choose a dual motor frame for your standing desk setup.

Why Get a Standing Desk?

Before we look at the differences between single and dual motor frame standing desks, it is worth examining why you should consider getting a standing desk in the first place.

These are special desks with surfaces that are set higher than ordinary sitting desks. This increased height allows users to use the desk while standing. So why would anyone want to work while standing?

Many believe that working while standing helps reduce neck and back strain. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular at a time where most people spend their weekdays hunched over a low desk and using a computer.

What are Motorized Standing Desks?

There are various types of standing desk configurations available. Some are motorized while others are not. So what does this mean?

Non-motorized standing desks or manually-adjustable standing desks are desks whose heights have to be adjusted manually. This typically involves rotating knobs or unlatching components before raising or lowering the desk and securing or fastening it back in place. This option is useful for people who want an affordable standing desk that they do not plan on adjusting frequently.

Motorized standing desks, on the other hand, feature specialized motors that are connected to the desk’s height mechanism. These desks can be raised or lowered with the press of button, which makes them ideal for users that wish to adjust their desks frequently.

Standing Desk Motor Configurations

If you have recently embarked on a quest to find the perfect standing desk for your office or home, you may have come across various motor configurations for such desks. The two main options in the motorized standing desk category are single motor systems and dual motor systems. These terms can be confusing for someone who has begun exploring standing desk options only recently. However, the differences between the two are easy to explain.

As their name implies, a single motor system has only one motor, while a dual motor system has two motors.

Why Choose a Dual Motor Frame Over a Single Motor Frame

There are many reasons to consider getting a dual motor frame standing desk over a single motor frame standing desk. This includes:

Adjustment Speed

Adjusting the height of a motorized standing desk can be a relatively slow process. Single motor frames typically move at a rate of 1 inch per second. Dual motor frames, on the other hand, move at a faster rate. This rate could be anywhere between 1.3 inches per second and 3 inches per second. It would seem two motors are certainly better than one when it comes to adjustment speed. However, you should be careful when comparing adjustment speeds between motorized standing desks of different brands.

A single motor frame standing desk from one brand may have a faster adjustment speed than the dual motor frame standing desk from a different brand. So it is always best to check both desks before making your choice.

Weight Capacity

Standing desks need to possess a high enough weight capacity to be able to support the items resting on them. This includes computer components, bags, notebooks, and even weight of your arms. A standing desk that is overburdened is at risk of becoming unstable. In addition to this, their motor or motors won’t be able to increase the desk height if the weight of the items stacked on top is too great.

This is another area where dual motor standing desks excel. Single motor standing desks can support a weight of around 150 pounds. Dual motor standing desks, on the other hand, can support around 200 pounds. This makes dual motor standing desks a great option for users that intend to place many items or heavy computer components on top.


People rarely consider the appearance of a standing desk’s motor section. However, it can be important when choosing between a single motor type and a dual motor type. You generally want to get an electric standing desk whose motors are well obscured from view. It is easy to assume that the dual motor design would have more difficulty covering up the motor portion. However, the opposite is actually true.

Many single motor designs feature the motor located on one of the desk’s leg columns. This motor portion can stick out like a sore thumb given its size, and the asymmetry it adds to the standing desk’s appearance.

Dual motor desks, on the other hand, are usually well hidden. These two motors may be smaller than the motor on the single motor design, which makes them easier to tuck under the leg columns and cover up.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dual Motor Standing Desk

Choosing a dual motor standing desk for your home can be tricky if you have never picked out one before. Some factors to keep in mind during the selection process include:

Height Adjustment Options

While all dual motor standing desks allow you to raise or lower the height using simple controls, some offer more features than others. For example, some brands offer dual motor standing desks with which you can save “presets” for different heights. This means you can load your desired height quickly with the simple press of a button.

This option would be incredibly useful for a standing desk that is used by multiple users throughout the day.


It should come as no surprise that dual motor standing desks tend to be heavy. This weight can make it difficult for you to transport the desk to your desired location, but it may also help with the desk’s overall stability. If you value stability in your desk setup, a heavier dual motor standing desk may be right for you.

Desk Materials

As mentioned earlier, the motors on motorized standing desks have weight limits beyond which they can’t raise the desk height. However, the desk’s board portion may also have a maximum weight limit it can support before buckling. This weight limit will vary depending on the type of material the board portion is made from.

For example, a desk made from laminated wood is likely to support a greater weight than ordinary wood. This makes it the better option if you intend to place heavy items on your standing desk.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose a dual motor standing desk frame over a single motor standing desk frame. So remember to keep these points in mind when you are hunting for your new standing desk.