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Why Bamboo Is One Of The Best Materials

25 February 2022


Did you know bamboo is sometimes referred to as a “Miracle Plant”? This fast-growing sustainable plant has shot into the limelight recently as we search for sustainable design solutions. Whether you need clothing or roofing, bamboo is here to help.

But, what makes bamboo so versatile? And should you embrace this eco-trend?

If you are interested in making your home office more sustainable, keep on reading. We’ve researched what makes bamboo so popular and where you can find it. From cutlery to desktops, this material isn’t going anywhere soon.

Keep reading to explore why bamboo is one of the best materials.

What Is Bamboo?

Bamboo comes from the Poaceae grass family - it’s hard to believe, but yes, bamboo is a type of grass! This plant is known for reaching extreme heights and growing very fast. In fact, the rapid speed of bamboo is what makes this material so sustainable. Once it’s used, it will simply grow again! Some bamboo plants can even grow up to 24 inches a day, which helps to take the strain off other types of wood that grow slower.

Though bamboo is often found in the tropics, it can grow in any climate. This plant is native to South America and Asia, but it can now be found worldwide.

Is Bamboo Strong?

While we might not associate grass plants with strength, bamboo is solid. Tropical climates tend to produce stronger wood, as when growing, the plants battle against storms, moisture, and other harsh conditions. Also, bamboo sways with the wind and never snaps, proving how strong it is. Bamboo has been used to build hoses, roofs, and furniture for years, and the wood always lasts the test of time.

Where Is Bamboo Used?

This versatile material has been adopted by a range of industries, and it changes for each. Here are some of the most common uses of bamboo.


Though bamboo is associated with strength, the pulp of bamboo grass can be made into a delicate fabric. Bamboo fabric is often compared to cotton, but it’s even more absorbent. Most bamboo clothing is eco-friendly and doesn’t pass through any harsh chemical treatments. These are great options for those with sensitive allergies as it’s also a hyper-allergenic material.


Bamboo is perhaps most well-known for furniture. Often, when designers use bamboo in their designs, it has a recognisable aesthetic. Bamboo is also popular in furniture design as it’s safe from mould and termites because it can deter bacteria. It’s also very lightweight, strong, and not easily breakable too.


An everyday use for bamboo is re-usable cutlery. As we try to avoid plastic products, designers are constantly searching for the next best material. Bamboo is a favourite for utensils as they look great, offer a smooth finish, and can be re-used too.


While we all know pandas eat bamboo, did you know humans do too? This low-calorie snack is full of vitamin A, E, B6 and other nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and zinc. It might be too exotic for some, but bamboo is a healthy and weight-loss approved snack.


Want to get creative? You can also buy instruments that use this exciting material. As bamboo has unique features and a hollow shape, it’s used for traditional instruments that represent certain groups’ cultural heritages.

Beauty Tools

The beauty industry is always looking for new and sustainable solutions, so it’s no surprise that you can find bamboo make up brushes and bamboo packaging now too. If you’re in the market for new makeup or hairbrush, consider a contemporary bamboo design.

Does Flexispot Use Bamboo?

Here at Flexispot, we like to provide products that benefit your health and wellness. One of our popular worktops is created from sustainable bamboo to help you improve your home office. This unique worktop comes in three different sizes and is made of 100% natural materials.

Other features of this worktop include:

  • A three-layer durable structure
  • A luxury bamboo texture
  • The worktop offers a unique bamboo scent
  • It’s a durable design
  • The manufacturing process is eco-friendly

So, if you’re intrigued by this unique material, consider choosing it for your next desk purchase. Add some modern style into your home with the aesthetic raw wooden look. Explore the worktop in more depth here.

The Takeaway

Finding sustainable solutions can be confusing, as there are lots of new materials, but you don’t know which ones will stand the test of time. Luckily, bamboo has been used for centuries, and we know that this wood will retain its strength for decades.


If you want to explore more desktop options, follow this link. We also provide standing desks to keep you active while you work. Whatever your working preference is, Flexispot is here to help.