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Why An Active Chair Is Great For Your Back

23 December 2022

A poorly fitted desk chair is the number one course of back pain for office workers. For most office workers, their day consists of sitting at their desks for at least eight hours a day, if not more. Spending so long sitting in one place makes a good desk chair an essential item.

Despite how important desk chairs are for good long-term health and even day-to-day happiness, most people spend their working hours in uncomfortable chairs. A lot of people do not even realize that their desk chair is problematic until they start getting lower back pain.

With an ever-growing number of people working in offices, there is a much greater awareness about good posture and the importance of a good quality desk and matching chair. As a result, many companies are designing new chairs and ways to work at desks that are focused on good posture and reducing the everyday aches and pains caused by desk work.

Active chairs are a great example of how the way that people work at desks is changing. Active chairs are designed to help you stay active while working at your desk and reduce the health problems that can occur from desk work.

So, what are active chairs, and how could they solve your back problems?

What Is An Active Chair?

The term active desk is used to describe desk chairs that encourage physical activity while working. Cycle desk chairs are one of the most popular active chairs combining an exercise bike with a comfortable desk chair.

Another option for people who want to stay active while working but not necessarily get the full workout experience of a cycle chair is to purchase a wobble stool, as these also encourage movement while sitting at your desk. A wobble stool tilts as you move, resulting in a more natural sitting position.

The Benefits of Switching To An Active Chair

Active chairs are all about improving your health and making your work hours that little bit better, but what exactly are the benefits?

#1 Burn Calories While You Work

Being able to exercise while working is probably one of the most significant benefits of switching to an active chair for most people.

The number one reason most people give for not going to the gym or not exercising regularly is that they simply do not have the time. Incorporating exercise into work hours is the time-saving hack that most people dream of.

#2 Reduce Lower Back Pain

While a poorly fitted chair is definitely the number one cause of lower back pain for office workers, it is not the only problem. The other leading cause of back pain for office workers is that they are sitting in one position for several hours at a time.

The human body is not designed to sit still for long periods of time, and to do so on a daily basis can quickly start to take its toll on the body. A lot of office workers are encouraged to take regular breaks and move around the office. However, this is not always possible when deadlines are looming and there is a stack of work to be done.

An active chair encourages movement while still being able to get work done. A cycle desk chair, for example, keeps your lower body moving, encouraging blood flow and preventing joints from becoming stiff and painful.

#3 Improve Your Posture

Lower back pain is not the only problem that can occur when working at a desk for long hours without moving. Most of us, even if we are not aware, do not maintain good posture while sitting at our desks. While you might be someone who starts the day sitting up straight and motivated, you almost definitely find yourself slumping in your chair as the day goes on and your energy levels drop.

An active chair keeps you moving throughout the day, preventing you from settling in a slouched position and developing bad habits when it comes to your posture.

A wobble chair, for example, is designed so that your entire body is naturally shifting from side to side as you work and move your upper body around your desk. The constant movement means that you are constantly repositioning your body and never staying in an uncomfortable position for long enough to develop bad posture habits.

Should You Get An Active Chair?

An active desk chair is a great way to stay active while working and is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their physical fitness levels but struggles to find dedicated time to do so. Active chairs can also be extremely beneficial if you are someone who finds desk work is causing lower back pain, as active chairs help to encourage a much more natural and healthy posture.