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Who Is Ergonomic Furniture For?

04 January 2022

Ergonomic furniture sounds fancy - niche even - but it is really quite a mainstream concept. It simply refers to furniture that has been designed with the human body in mind. Furniture that does not possess this quality is more likely to cause body issues like back pain, headaches and neck cramps. It makes sense, therefore, to choose ergonomic furniture as a priority.

Who benefits from ergonomic furniture?

While ergonomic chairs and furniture are good for everyone, they are especially useful for home workers or workers that need to sit at desks for prolonged periods. Lengthy sitting can cause pressure to build in the lower back, neck strain and shoulder pain. But lengthy sitting in an ergonomic office chair gives your body the support it needs.

For example, the Flexi-Chair BackSupport office chair BS1B is designed to keep you in a perfect posture without you feeling uncomfortable. It is made from breathable fabric, so you’re a lot less likely to get sweaty and hot while working. The lumbar support gives your back a supported feel while reducing fatigue at the same time. The arms and back are entirely adjustable so no matter your height or body size, you will find a position that is comfortable for you.

Another group bound to benefit from ergonomic furniture is pregnant women. Pregnant people have aches and pains all over, from swollen feet to an aching back. Cramps are especially prevalent in pregnant women due to the hormone changes. Ergonomic furniture can help support those aches and pains and enable productivity.

A desk converter is particularly important for pregnant women. It allows you to adjust your workspace according to your comfort preferences and your growing pregnant belly.

The Flexispot Standing Workstation Converters F3 is a fantastic option. Whether sitting down or standing up, you can make adjustments to your CompactRiser to your perfect height. It has a slimmed down design so that installing it into a corner cubical or limited space is easy. There’s also plenty of space to hold your devices, notes, documents, and more.

Who else can benefit from ergonomic furniture? Well, those with mental health problems. Fatigue, depression and poor mood can be linked to poor posture, chronic pain and excessive working patterns. Therefore, having a decent chair, office space and an ergonomic desk can make the world of difference.

For example, the Flexispot Desk Bike can give you a new lease of life while in the office or home office. This innovative workout bike is fully adjustable and breathable, with a comfortable cushion and back support. You can stay energised, which will improve your alertness and mental wellbeing, without compromising your productivity.

What can Ergonomic Furniture Help With?

Ergonomic furniture is for everyone. There’s no doubt about that. But it can help with specific issues that might support certain groups of people.

Here are some of the things it can help you with.

1) Fatigue. If you work for long periods of time, you might experience fatigue and be less productive. Ergonomic furniture can help to prevent fatigue.

2) Depression and anxiety: If you are overworked, tired, stressed or experiencing back problems / chronic pain, you might be more prone to depression and anxiety. Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce aches and pains, reduce stress and fatigue and improve mental wellness.

3) Productivity: Being comfortable and content with your workspace can aid productivity and focus.

4) Pani: Whether it be wrist, foot, back or leg pain, ergonomic furniture can help combat the problem.

5) Posture: Having good posture comes with a host of benefits. But it can be hard to retain this posture without support. Ergonomic furniture lets you effortlessly retain good posture without even thinking about it.

Flexispot Can Help

Flexispot offers a range of cutting edge ergonomic furniture designed for everyone and anyone. Each piece of furniture can benefit your health and wellbeing in numerous ways, and make you more productive in the workplace too. Check out our full range here