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Weight Loss: The Miracle of the 15-Minute Whole Body Vibration

19 August 2021

For a health advocate like you, how long should you stay in the gym or the office getting in shape? Should it always be more than 1 hour or would 15 minutes be sufficient for you? Which do you think would be more effective? In this article today, we will help you come up with your conclusion. 

You might be busy doing a lot of tasks on your Kana Bamboo standing desk while sitting on your Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B, thus in this article today, you would know an additional way to become active in the office aside from getting help from the ergo chair and stand up desk. You would know how fantastic it is to let lose the stress from the sedentary lifestyle using a vibration plate for just 15 minutes. 

Many health advocates these days, say that there is an effective way now to lose weight for even just 15 minutes. The 15 minutes of weight loss when done as much as three times a week, will aid a person who wishes to be in the pink. Now, if that's the case, how could you stay healthy and lose extra pounds for 15 minutes? The 15 minutes would be very efficient should it be done with an ergonomic and on the cutting edge piece of fitness equipment. So, if we will look at the 15-minute possibility, we may think of a lot of benefits when this kind of exercise is done. So, let's get into that possibility. 

The Benefits of the 15-Minute Weight Loss Routine

Your 15 minutes can lengthen your life by three years and alleviate the death risk by 14% in consonance with research from Taiwan. So, if you are challenged or you feel that the 30 minutes would be too much for you or it would consume much of your time then getting rid of the excess fat for a quarter of an hour would be advisable. 

Doing it for a short period but at regular intervals would be more beneficial because even on slow progress you know that you are keeping it active. This could be beneficial should you decide to choose the best ergonomic fitness product. Now, why would we consider ergonomics? This is because when we choose the best ergonomic fitness product, you may propel the weight loss even for 15 minutes. For just a quarter of an hour you may be able to: 

  • Lose Excess Fat

Ergonomic products such as the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 from Flexispot could help you sweat a lot even if you simply stand on it. This machine could automatically vibrate your system that could propel the blood circulation and move your muscles. When the muscles move, it creates the pressure that burns the visceral fat that is mostly found around the stomach or fats around the body that is considered unhealthy. Hence, from head to toe, the Flexispot Exercise Machine VB1 could ensure a very active movement. As a result, it could also boost your metabolism; you would also get rid of the toxins that might cause diseases in your body. 

  • Ensure Physical Improvement 

It doesn't matter if you are doing the 15 minute-exercise. This is because it's a great start to progress. Imagine the light feeling of creating a fit and healthy body without much pressure compared to when you force yourself to finish the 30 minutes or more. The transition from a sedentary lifestyle does not get successful overnight. You can't have the model-like figure in just a snap of the fingers; it needs slow progress so you could test the waters and see for yourself the pros and cons of strenuous activities in the future. Thus, sticking with the 15-minute fitness routine with the help of the Vibration Plate from Flexispot could ensure a smooth but surefire physical improvement. Plus, you don't have to worry about too much body pain even if you sweat a lot.  

  • Further Blood Circulation

With the right piece of equipment such as the Exercise Machine VB1, you do not need to be apprehensive about poor blood circulation because, in just 15 minutes, you can ensure that you are energized and you may feel lighter because it has already stimulated the blood circulation. In addition, the Exercise Machine VB1 can be adjusted up to a 99-speed level so even for 15 minutes. your movement can be rapid and can make you get rid of the excess fats the way you jog and cycle for more than an hour. 

  • Reduce Muscle Soreness

A sedentary lifestyle could not just hinder your weight loss but could also lead you to have sore muscles because it stagnates the blood circulation around your body. Hence, if you notice some people, you would notice some dark spots or little lumps on their hands which indicates the buildup of cholesterol in their veins. Moreover, they feel cramps or pain around their muscles. This is a clear indication that they have poor blood circulation. As a solution, they could lessen the muscle soreness with the help of the Exercise Machine VB1 because even in just 15 minutes, they could ensure the whole body vibration that could condition their muscles very well. 

  • Build your Strength

As you set your pacing on the vibration plate and do the whole body vibration even for 15 minutes, your muscles begin to acquire more mass and strength as the excess fats get loosened up. Through the 15-minute exercise, you can make sure that you can build a stronger body. 

  • Decreases Stress Hormones

The hormone, cortisol in general is not bad for the body because it helps the body fight stress; however once cortisol is increased due to being less physically active, it might expose you to having higher blood pressure. Thus, doing physical activities even for 15 minutes can elevate your mood and decrease the amount of Cortisol in the body. 

Final Thoughts:

Exercising for more than an hour is very advisable and it would give you more strength and vitality. However, there is a faster way to help you get rid of the excess fat without consuming much of your time. In actuality, using pieces of fitness equipment such as Exercise Machine VB1 from Flexispot could speed up your goals. You could have more time to relax or do mindfulness activities. Thus, you may put your energy into different activities and accelerate brain function. All in all, you can ensure this best ergonomic solution with the help from Flexispot - the home of the best stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs.