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Ways to be a Highly Effective Student During the Pandemic

13 August 2021

Face-to-face classes are soon to start. It has been a year at most since students have had this type of class. It might take some adjustments but they are very resilient and adapt to changes especially with technology. It would be good for their mental health to see their friends again and socialize with their peers. However, it is a good habit for them to still stay safe and follow health guidelines. 

The more they stay safe from the virus, the easier for them to move around and do the things they like such as hobbies, after-school activities, college credits, and socializing. More so, the costs that would be spent on hospitalization and medical bills could be used for those activities, vacations, and other miscellaneous needs.

As the access to information and education becomes readily available and cost-free via the Internet, the world becomes a global village.

For sure, children also need time to play and be children as time is fleeting, but they can also be moulded for success. That way, the obligations and hardships of adulthood by the time they are 18 years old would not be so daunting nor overwhelming. 

Our responsibility is not merely to support them just because we are parents, but also to prepare them for adulthood. The success of a child in any environment would start at school. The thing every student needs to remember though is that scholastic success is not the whole basis of success, they also need to learn to communicate well and work on emotional quotient just as they work on their intellectual quotient.

Young girl reading a book with her cat at home

A person doesn’t need to be extremely intelligent to do well in school; they also need to put in the work.

It may sound like a lofty task to undertake, but there are strategies that can help them become as outstanding as they want to be. The growth and improvement in school are quantifiable which makes it easier to see where one’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

It is up to them then if they would like to improve where they are weakest, reinforce their strengths to their advantage, or both. Studying is generally a two-way street, the teacher guides a student; the student puts the effort into learning while parents support, check, and guide the students towards their academic success.

As a student, I think it’s a good idea for you to skim through last year's lesson and research the holes in comprehension or the things you might have missed before the start of classes. This is because these are the lessons that will pave the way or introduce the next lessons for the current year. Once basic comprehension of everything is in order, you can do a read-through of the lessons for the upcoming year. There are websites where you can have access to textbooks and even homeschooling websites where you can do advanced reading. If you want, you can study the first few chapters that way when those lessons are introduced, you can breeze through them and study more in advance. You can get ahead of your peers and it will make your student life not only bearable but also easier.

After all those preparations, of course, there may be some things that you might not understand while you’re studying alone. This is where your class teacher could help you with. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or help with your lessons. It is better to cover all lessons than understand only part of them. 

Believe it or not, a lot of students might have the same questions as yours and by asking, you would not only help yourself but also your friends too. If you are too shy, you can ask them after class or send them an email. But to save time, it is better to ask during the class. That way, the class will gain a full understanding of the lessons.        

Sometimes homework and school projects can be overwhelming to tackle when they pile up.

When you can, do them in school before the school day ends. If you have done advanced studies, you might also have answered the questions on the textbook in a separate notebook or pad paper to check for later.

You can save time doing this and you can have time for after-school activities, tutoring, or sports after school. If the deadline is set enough for you to work on your projects, don’t wait or cram before the deadline. That way, you can submit quality work and have better grades.

Establishing a study routine at home, doing more practice especially in math, chemistry or similar subjects would be beneficial for you as a student. As always, practice makes perfect. Challenging yourself to go beyond will make any task a piece of cake for you. Taking advanced classes will not only get you enough merits to apply for the college of your choice, but it will also prevent you from feeling stuck which usually happens when a person isn’t challenged.

Moreover, you need to remember to wash your hands frequently and after coming home to school. That way, you can fully enjoy your school life and time with friends. At home, you can study on your Classic electric standing desk Frame EG1/EF1 from FlexiSpot. 

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