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Vibrant Ways to Add More Color to Your Office Space

26 April 2021

Boring white office walls can appear dull especially paired with neutral-colored furniture. They can often feel void of personality and lack the vibrancy needed in every work environment. Having a pop of color in your office space can boost energy and get your creative juices flowing. 

It doesn’t matter if you are working from home or an office building; check out these great tips on giving your office space a much-needed glow up!

What Is The First Step When Setting Up a Workstation?


Your surroundings play a huge role in regulating your mood throughout the day. Dull patterns and underwhelming color schemes can sometimes feel like rain on your parade. Here is what you should do:

Deck Out with Company Colors

If you're not sure which colors will suit your office space best, look no further than your brand’s color theme. If you're lucky, your office logo may have a fun color palette that you can easily integrate into your office design. 

However, if things aren't that simple, you can always choose a vibrant color from the color wheel provided by your local home store. 

Try to go for a vibrant blue, teal, or even mustard. Dark colors such as black or extremely sharp colors such as yellow might not hit the mark. You want to look for a color that is playful yet soothing. Intense or dark tones can easily make your eyes hurt and end up making you tired and sleepy pretty quickly. Cool-toned colors such as breezy blues can help you feel good in your workspace. 

Incorporating colors In Your Office Space 

Incorporating colors can be a bit tricky because it's very easy to overdo. Not every color is meant to go on the wall, and not every color looks good as a rug. 

Choose easy on the eye colors to go as your wall paint if you've decided to give your walls a makeover. Darker, more vibrant colors such as purples, dark blues, and dark green hues would look great as cushions or plush pillows. 

Rugs, on the other hand, should be neutral if the flooring is dark. If your office flooring is plain, a pop of color in the form of a rug can be a cheeky edition. 

Choose Brightly Colored Furniture 

In addition to brightening up your space with fresh wall paint and accessories, it is essential that your furniture also makes a statement. Bulky dark furniture can take away the modern aesthetic that you might be going for. Instead, choose furniture with thinner frames and minimalistic designs. 

Colorful Floors are a Thing

If colorful furniture pieces aren't your thing, you can opt for a bright floor instead. You can choose to go crazy with a super fun carpet that contrasts the neutral office furniture perfectly. 

How to Adjust Your Workstation With color?

Comfort Matters 

Choosing adjustable and customizable furniture can help you maintain different aesthetics throughout your time at work. It is vital to understand that comfort also has to be in harmony with vibrancy. One is not enough without the other. For instance, the 3-stage dual motor Standing Desk frame allows you to customize the desktop color and desktop size according to your liking. 

Not only will a unique standing desk setup will save you from medical bills, but they will also have your office space looking exactly how you pictured it. With a wide range of colors to choose from, such as maple, white, graphite, mahogany, marble grey, etc., you can light up your workstation in no time.

Personal Workspace Aesthetic 

There is nothing more that screams for help than a dull and unorganized desk. If you want to know how to focus on work when you’re just not into it, then it's time to revamp your workspace.


Get your hands on some cute stationery that comes as a matching set. Typically, a stationery set includes a pen holder, matching stapler, paper clips, tape dispenser, and so much more. 

Tech Accessories 

If you’re feeling adventurous, try investing in a wireless keyboard and mouse set in with a cool color and accent to match your personality. 


Personalization is critical when it comes to making your office space more about you. Putting up fun pictures, quotes, or your personal goal maps can help in adding some color. Choose some brightly colored stickers or photo frames to liven up space. 

Faux Plants

You can spruce up your office space with vibrant faux plants and succulents. Mini cactus planters look adorable on office desks and homes alike. Get yourself some tiny fake plants to add a hint of green to your surroundings, even if they aren’t real.

File Cabinets 

Brightly colored file cabinets are great for organization and adding a pop of color to your neutral-toned office furniture. You can keep all your paperwork neatly stacked away while giving your office workspace a personalized feel. 

Let’s Talk Print & Graphics


Smooth solid color walls can definitely liven up your space, but not like a graphic wall would. Graphic mural walls can range from geometric designs to cityscapes and even nature. 

A graphic wall can do so much more than just add visuals to your office space. It becomes part of your brand and personality. Just think of all the Instagram pictures possible with a fun graphic wall in the background! 

Similarly, art prints can spice up your walls if you have chosen to go for single tone color. These art prints can be abstract or geometric. A great way to add a pop of freshness is to feature your brand’s products as modern graphic frames. Through this method, you’ll be adding more personality to the product lines that your brand is working on. Give something to the clients and visitors to look at! 

Ready to Design a Home Office You Love?

Working from home can be a pretty challenging task, especially if you do not enjoy the space designated for your work. Don’t hesitate to take some time out to redecorate your home office space to your liking. 

Choose a Corner you’re Most Comfortable In

Ideally, it should be a place with the least number of distractions and the most amount of sunlight. Dark and dingy office space doesn’t do well for anybody. 

Lighting makes a Difference 

If, for some reason, you cannot set up your home office in a naturally lit area, invest in a good lamp that helps in keeping the room bright. Even if you choose to keep the most vibrant pieces in your office space, bad lighting will always trump them. 

Contrast is Key 

If you already have dark furniture at home, try investing in lighter-colored stationery to balance it out. Let’s say you have a dark brown office desk; you can easily contrast it with a soft plum pink mat to pace your computer on. Similarly, a dark room needs lighter curtains, while a pastel-colored room can make darker curtains work.

Organize your Home Office with Colored Files

If you have a lot of paperwork and don't know how to stack it, filing and organizing them in colorful folders is an effective solution. Color coordinate your files according to the type of paperwork you want to store. Neatly stacking brightly colored files can spruce up boring brown shelves or cabinets. 

Choose a Bold Statement Piece 

A bold statement piece can make or break your home office aesthetic. A bold piece could be a statue, a painting, or even a vintage lamp. Choose your statement piece wisely so that it can help tie the room together. More than one bold statement piece can easily become overwhelming.


Add a Mirror

If you feel that your home office space is too small and adding lighter colors is not an option, adding a mirror can save the day. Mirrors provide an illusion of a bigger space; hence a larger mirror can help your tiny office space look decently spacious. 

Match Your Metals 

Matching your metals is a rule of thumb that everyone needs to follow. You can't have gold, silver, and bronze accents all at once. Choosing one metal for your accents can accentuate your home office’s overall aesthetics and give it a professionally designed look.

Flowers are a Huge Plus

The quickest way to add color to any space is through flowers. You can either choose to bring in fresh flowers from the florist after every two to three days or invest in a colorful bunch of faux flowers that wouldn't need as much attention.

You can have one large floral arrangement or two to three tiny vases scattered across the room, depending on the type of space you have. 

Lastly, Less is More 

Even if all your ideas are great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should incorporate them all in a singular space. Have fun with your office space (since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it), and more importantly, take your time in deciding how you want it to look.