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Top Tips for Mindful Drinking

24 April 2022

Spring is at the door, and summer is waving to us from afar. With the warming of the weather, pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants started to have to get crowded. With the arrival of spring, people want to get out of their homes and into the garden with a cool glass of wine or a frothy beer.

Of course, in such beautiful weather, people's desire to drink alcohol increases. The joy of chatting with old friends while sipping your frothy beer is indescribable. Especially if you haven’s seen them for a long time.

So, how mindful are we when we consume alcohol? Have we ever asked this question ourselves? Can we predict where we should stop, after which glass we will lose our self-control?

For some people, drinking until they are drunk is not a problem at all, while some of us may not want to continue after a few drinks. It's a matter of preference.

Mindful drinking is a form of awareness and presence Mindful drinking establishes a healthy relationship with alcohol through the thoughtful practice of consumption

Individuals who achieved to be in a mindful drinking state are the ones who have the awareness to make their drinking decisions and are generally in control. Drinking is a socially accepted part of our lives.

We all drink a glass of champagne when we are invited to a wedding or a house party. That’s how people interact with each other and socialize. But Sometimes we need to know where to stop when it comes to alcohol.

The aim of mindful drinking is to drink without losing awareness and provide more self-control and understanding.

Benefits Of Mindful Drinking

You don't have to have a problem with alcohol use to develop a mindful drinking habit. However, Some may feel that their alcohol consumption is too high and may not know where to stop.

Mindful drinking basically teaches us to be aware of limited alcohol consumption. Mindful drinking has many benefits in relation to the decisions you make about drinking. Drinking too much alcohol not only wastes a lot of your money but can also complicate your mental state. Since a complex mind hinders the ability to make the right decision, it can sometimes cause unwanted situations and choices being made.

In addition, while excessive alcohol consumption causes negative effects on physical health, it also affects the quality of your sleep. Thanks to mindful drinking, you can sleep more soundly by consuming less alcohol.

In addition, Mindful drinking keeps your immune system stronger and resistant. The people who develop mindful drinking habits have healthier and hearty life. Healthier one-to-one communication with people also increases self-confidence in the individual. Mindful drinkers with their awareness can play an ımportant role in society thus community welfare and peaceful life are supported

People who consume more alcohol than necessary may be dragged into unwanted situations because they cannot fully control their emotions and are not sufficient in anger management. Therefore, mindful drinking always keeps you and those around you safe, calm, and enjoying the moment.

How To Practice Mindful Drinking

1. Take a Break Between Drinks and Think

Before one drink runs out, another comes. In such situations, you can restrain yourself easier by asking the question“Do I really need the next drink?” This question motivates your self-control and helps you question yourself easier.

If you take a look at your situation at the moment and respond to yourself rationally. In the end, you will do the right thing. Thus you will be able to demonstrate your will and analyze the situation from your perspective.

You have to be completely honest with the question you ask yourself. If you respond with your feelings, you'll probably want another drink. Therefore, you should answer this question within the framework of logic by prioritizing your awareness.

2. Game Plan in Advance

If you are going to a house party or get-together and you are in doubt about your alcohol intake, decide how many glasses you will drink or what non-alcoholic beverages you may go for instead. In this way, partial decisions have been taken in advance and will help you when the time comes.

3. Don't stick to restrictions

There are no restrictions or compulsions at the core of mindful drinking. If you try to force yourself for something, your brain will want it more. This is known in psychology as the reverse working principle. Therefore, never suppress yourself. Enjoy the event you attend, with minor restrictions.

4. Order first

Sometimes you may order the drinks that your friends ordered. Instead of following the crowd, be the first to order and start your first drink with a soft drink. This could be a pretty good choice for a start. Afterward, you can continue with an alcoholic beverage and reward yourself.

Who is Mindful Drinking For?

Mindful drinking is an approach that can be applied to people of all ages (so long as they are over 18!). Also, you don't have to have a problem with alcohol consumption to benefit from developing this habit. Mindful drinking is a technique that aims to create the right decision-making behaviors mechanism by promoting healthy habits and thoughtful action.

Mindful drinking is not a punishment or a restriction. It is about taking control of our habits and limiting the damage that alcohol can do to your body and your night out if taken too far.

The main purpose of acquiring this habit is to improve your social life, health, and quality of life, it will help your bank balance too!. There is no harm in a cool one now and again, and a good knee up with your friends. However, drinking too often or too much in one go can take its toll on your body.